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    What companies will look into a candidate of BCA

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    I am a student of BCA 3rd semester. I am confused about my future. How and what I should study seriously in my BCA syllabus for getting a good job in IT sector?
    Which type of jobs a BCA student gets?
    Tell me about the current syllabus of BCA of all semesters which are helpful in getting a job.
    Which computer languages are most important for software development?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • BCA is generally a three year or six semesters course. It is surprising that while studying in the third semester, the author is not fully aware about the syllabus of his course. It may be noted that mere completion of the course or earning the degree is not going to help in getting a job or making progress in the future career. The author should master the C++ and Java programming languages as a part of the BCA course. A solid foundation in the fields of Database Management Systems, Fundamentals of Computer Networks, Internet Concepts and Web Design, Web Programming, and Operating System Concepts and Networking Management etc. is likely to help in future.

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  • Being a BCA student, if you wish to continue your studies then you can go for MCA. If you want to earn, then all the IT companies will have openings even for BCA graduates. You should be good in programming languages like C, C++ and Java. You should be able to differentiate between the programming languages. You should also have a sound knowledge on Operating System, DBMS, Networks. As a BCA graduate, you can work as a programmer, or a software tester. Sometimes, you might be put into support jobs also. So be very careful before applying for jobs and know the Job Description completely and then apply.

  • BCA candidates are treated like any other graduated candidates. In such case they are eligible for the graduation specific recruitment. You need 60% in all three years in order for you to get shortlisted in most of the campus recruitment drives.

    Some of the popular companies that may recruit BCA graduates are - HCL, Infosys, Tech mahindra and Wipro. These are some of the companies that need the new recruits for most common positions such database administrator, programmer and tech support.

    BCA and Bsc Computer have pretty much same syllabus in most of the universities. You get to learn algorithms, microprocessor, micro-controller and few other concepts. You may also find some topics such as C.C++ and Java programming language. Your syllabus may change from one university to another.

    In case of software development you;ll find following languages and databases : Java, Python, C#, Ruby, PHP and databases such as SQL, NoSQL as databases (specifically mysql and mongodb).

  • Since you are in third semester of your BCA course, you are advised to follow the syllabus closely as provided by university and in your syllabus you may get detailed studies of various tools such as microprocessor, algorithm, Java language, C++ etc. Familiarity with these modules will equip you with success in the computer profession. With the sound concept in such languages, you are likely to achieve a grand success in your examination.
    There are a lot of demands of BCA passed out students in multinational companies such as Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Tech Mahindra etc and apart from it, you may appear for jobs of Probationary Offiers in Banks, job of computer - teacher in a school. If you are interested to crack Civil Services Examination, you can attempt the same like any other graduates. However, scoring of more than 60 percent marks will land you success in different fields.
    There are numerous languages such as Java, Oracle, C++, SAP etc and your rate of success depends upon the specialisation of any one of such languages.

  • As you said your studying BCA 3rd sem hope you no about the subjects. All the programming subjects are very helpful in future. But if you look from the job point of view, then you need to no lot of programming languages, because whatever you study in your degree career will never repeat in job career.
    Any MNC company you join will have their own programming languages where you need a training to use it. But the basic programming languages that you use will help you for that. Most of the companies ask for your qualification to check whether your qualified for that post or not.
    Lastly where ever you go for job interview they check the way you present yourself and the confidence in you. Your degree will help you to get qualified post but the detail study of that particular you will have by experience.
    So don't worry for job, be prepared well for your interviews and present yourself with confidence then the job is yours.

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