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    How to control body hair growth?

    Interested in knowing about how to control hair growth? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Many people have hair growth on body parts like arms, legs , chest, back of palm etc. Is it possible to control such body hair growth? Are there any health hazards in not controlling the same? What is the best method to control/get rid of body hairs?
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  • Body hair growth is a natural process of the human being. Sometimes it depends upon the hereditary but still we control them.
    Certain hair growth in the body can be controlled by laser treatment, it very expensive. But once its done the hair growth where laser treatment is done never grows. Area cells where the laser treatment is done is completely burnt. there is lot of settings in it. For that you need to consult a doctor before starting that treatment.
    Suppose if you want to go in ayurvedic method then apply daily paste of turmeric with coconut oil. This will stop the unwanted hair to grow.

  • Turmeric is used for treating many skin diseases in our country. Apart from antiseptic and antibacterial agents of turmeric helps for prevention of hair growth. This is simplest way and effective method for removal of hair. There are different ways to use for the removal of thin hairs as well as for removal of dense and thick hair.
    Method for thin hair:
    1. Take turmeric powder two teaspoons for covering the hair growth area.
    2. Take water or milk or rose water. Soak the powder into it and make a soft paste which is applied to your face, legs, chest, back of palm.
    3. After application of the paste wait for fifteen to twenty minutes to allow it to dry.
    4. Finally wash with lukewarm water.
    Method for thick and dense hair:
    1. Take some milk in a bowl and add turmeric powder along with rice flour or chana dal flour. Make a thick paste and apply it. The procedure for applying is same as the method of thin hair.
    Surely it is possible to control body hair growth. This is the best method to control the body hairs.

  • Body hair growth is natural process. And this happens also because of hormone changes. So if it has began rapidly then there is nothing you can do much there. And that is why you have to work on just reducing the rate at which the hairs are growing. There are not much of issues with hair growth on the body. Unless it is affecting your face and other areas which may look odd on the society.

    Applying mixture of multani mitt and chana flour also helps the body. It can reduce the amount of hair on the body. There are some of the other creams like Veet etc that you can use on face and hands if you want. But that would be only if it is obstructing on your body. This way you can control the hair on your body.

    Avoid taking any specific medication that asks for reducing the body hair and such growth. Because such medications have side effects. Also not many genuine doctors don't recommend any specific medicine as this is hormone change.

  • Excessive hair growth in men is generally genetically decided. There is no known implication associated with excess hair in men. It is not a disorder.

    However, excessive hair growth in women is normally because of an underlying medical condition. The male pattern hair growth in women is termed as 'Hirsutism'. There can be many medical reasons for women having extra hair growth. The most common reasons are:

    1. Increase in the levels of male hormones circulating within the body. These male hormones are called 'testosterone'. The levels of testosterone can be checked through a blood test.
    2. Problem with the ovaries – women with excessive hair can be suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), where the ovaries get enlarged and a number of cysts form around them. An ultrasound can determine if the problem exists.
    3. An overactive thyroid gland can also cause excessive hair growth.

    To remedy the problem a diagnosis will have to be done. So, if you are a woman, suffering from excessive hair growth it is best to consult a doctor to get to the root of the problem, instead of looking for cosmetic and home remedies.

    Once the doctor finds out the reason for extra hair growth a treatment will be recommended. This will include prescribed medicine to treat the main problem, along with topical ointments that inhibit hair growth. Eflornithine Hydrochloride (Vaniqa) is the most commonly prescribed ointment to suppress hair growth. This should however, be used only under medical supervision. Remember, it is not a cosmetic cream, it is a medical cream.

    Apart from this the patient may opt for laser hair removal treatment, which though costly, is quite effective. When hair growth is thick and coarse, home remedies do not work. It is better to take remedial action by consulting a doctor.

    If the growth is limited to the arms and legs then cosmetic treatments like waxing or using an epilator can be tried.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

  • Hi Friend!

    There are plenty of reasons for hair growth on our body.One thing that you have to make sure is whether presence oh hair is too minimal or extensive before applying any remedy over it. Because naturally and scientifically minimal amount of hair must be present on our body which act as barrier to our skin and body. This prevents the attack of foreign agents on our body.

    In case of extensive and bushy hair growth then you must address it.


    1. Uncontrolled hormonal secretion

    2. Consumption of drugs for vitamins,iron,viz.. without the prescription of the doctor.

    3. Recurrent medicinal consumption. for example; involving some consumption and sudden stoppage of the specific medicine.

    4. Facial hair growth is called "Hirsutism" and it is due to secretion of male hormones. Female hormones do produce male hormones like androgen and testosterone but only in low level. When the overdoes this results in the growth of facial hair.

    5. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is one of the common causes of hirsutism. Benign cysts that form on the ovaries can affect hormone production, leading to irregular menstrual cycles and decreased fertility.

    6. Disorders in adrenal glands like
    adrenal cancer
    adrenal tumors
    congenital adrenal hyperplasia
    Cushing disease also causes facial hair growth.

    7. Over secretion of cortisol(stress hormone)

    8. And genetic trait also plays an important part. May be your mother or any of your ancestors might have suffered from this kind of hair growth.

    9. Obesity:
    This changes hormonal secretions where one of the outcomes would be excessive hair growth.

    10. Excessive secretion of growth hormone(Acromegaly)

    11. Use of certain medications such as tetrahydrogestrinone, phenytoin, or minoxidil.

    12. Insulin resistance

    13. polyphyria cutanea tarda

    14. Transexualism

    15. Tumours in the ovaries


    1. There are methods like electrolysis and laser treatment but never indulge into such techniques when your hair growth is normal.

    2. Consumption of medicines may not be the only way to get rid of this. Try to change your food habits according to your body type.

    3. Use turmeric once in a week while having bath.(only for girls)
    This will prevent growth of extensive hair growth.

    4. Apply the paste of fresh turmeric, cucumber seeds and tender neem flowers. This will make your hair fall within 5-7 washes when hair growth is averagely more than the normal level. For highly extensive growth medication under prescribed doctor is necessary and try to consult siddha/ayurveda doctor since our traditional medicine will not give you side effects and will heal both your physical and mental pressures.

    5. Keep your mind calm that will balance hormonal secretions and have good control over weight.This can be achieved only when your food style is dependent on your body type(vata,pitta,kapha). This can be the only solution not only for such issues but for any kind of health ailments.

    1. Nowadays girls wax their body hair since they feel that even the natural presence of hair ruins their beauty. It's wrong and this is also one of the reasons for extensive hair growth when you do it in course of time.

    2. While obesity is one of the reasons slimming is also a reason.
    Whatever changes you do over your body other your originality will have adverse effect and in addition you will have to maintain that process(work out) else it will cause problems if you stop it. So do not take any steps that will have adverse effect.

    3. It's scientifically proven that over slimming,work out will lead to uterus related issues which is the root cause for hormonal imbalance.

    So whatever you do against what your body will not accept will show its effects sooner or later.It's not that hair growth will be the only symptom.It might be one of the symptoms. So have healthy food, peaceful mind for a healthy life.

    Best wishes.

  • In human body, it will grow unwanted hairs to the body like face, arm, chest and arm pit and also end of the parts. In some peoples, hormones imbalance to excess grow hair and genetic of the humans. In some human parts will be rashes your skin and painful waxing and threading. In cosmetic medicines and creams to remove unwanted hairs it's painful for the treatment and its has side effects of skin allergies and rashes. Some peoples are trim the unwanted hair and body hairs. Ancient times of ayurveda in India have some home remedies to control the growth of excess body and facial hair with no side effects of skin allergies. Ayurvedic medicines and siddha medicines can be used in this problem will be cure effectively. Some ayurvedic remedies it will cure.

    Remedies for home made

    1. Turmeric – It is the best medicine powder to cure the unwanted excess air removal. It will shine from the face of the skin and women's are excess of mustache will removed. You can apply with face, legs, armpits and chest.
    2. Vigna Mungo – Black Gram (Ulundhu powder) is curing the excess hair removal.
    3. Curds are good facial cream and cure the hair removed.
    4. Rose water will be clean the face mask.
    5. Sugar will be heat at paste it will be applied legs, it will push and pull the paste.
    6. Sandalwood chekka will be a nice hair removal medicine.

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