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    How much to charge for my ads?

    Confused what to charge for banner ads on website? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    Suppose my website have 1000 monthly visitors.How much can I charge for my banner ads? The size is 728x90 in the top or side bar. Will Google page rank plays any role in charging a banner ad?
    So if I put same ads inside the website pages how will it be charged? Is it same or is it too like number of page views?
    Experts: do respond.
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    CPM (cost per miles) for the banner ad in the market is varied from 2$ to 10$. Depending on the niche of your website the rate will be decided. However if your website only gets 1000 views a day then it may not even fetch 2$ a day because lot of users have adblockers and other bots being used. So the traffic being counted will be on the basis of people who don't have the adblocker. And that you have to consider while applying for banner ad based ad network.

    When you put the banner ad on the website you don't decide the price with ad networks such as Google adsense. They are the one that set the value of the ads on your property. They increase or decrease the value of the ad on your website. In case of carbonad network, you may find that they require a lot of views before they are going to accept you.

    Most common ad rates in the market per banner size as follows :

    350x250 - CPM - 2-5$
    460x80 CPM - 1-5$
    728x90 - CPM - 3-20$

    This rate depends on the right type of traffic. Also if the pixel is retargeted then the value may increase or decrease. I suggest you to approach ad networks such buysellads, carbon ads etc if you wish to put banner ad on website. You can also create advertise page on your website and decide the price of the ad banner size.

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    I hope your asking about the ads that will be displayed in websites when you watch any site. Actually for ads to publish you need not pay. Now Internet media as become so fluent that you post ads free. There are some sites which are charging for ads, but there are also some sites which don't charge. If your talking about google adsense then google only pay us and publish their ads in blog's and website.
    I think for your website ad you need not charge nor pay. You can publish in social media and earn a good traiff.

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    Dear Questioner,

    I do hope that you have gone through the answer posted by other members above. Here I am with my one cent of words for your good.

    Please note that 1000 visitors per month is not a good number to think of displaying ads on your blog or website. You can, for sure. But that would take years in just hoping to reach a minimum threshold when you can withdraw the amount you have earned.

    If I were in your place, having a blog with 1000 visitors per month and with advertisers willing to show ads on it. I would have either dropped this idea, or may have offered the advertisers to bid an amount themselves.

    For displaying advertisements on your blog or websites and actually make some money, you must get at least 1000 visitors on a daily basis and not in a month.

    Personally, I do have a blog that has not been updated from quite a few years. It gets around 80k to 90k monthly visitors but not enough income to pay me monthly. It does make around 9 USD or such on a good day. Kindly take it as an example...

    If you really have advertisers who are interested to display theirs ads on your blog, you should work on increasing traffic on your blog by adding more and regular content to it. And right when you reach around 1000 visitors per day limit, you can talk to your advertisers to show their ads on your blog unlimited time everyday by paying you a daily fee anywhere around 300 INR or 900 INR.

    I can understand that it may not be a good amount, but that is all we can expect from a blog with just 1000 visitors per day.

    I would advice you to concentrate only on adding more content to your blog on a regular basis, make long posts, short posts with considerable amount of related keywords and keep overall quality of your blog high. As and when the number of visitors to your blog with increase, you can always think of trying and implying news ways to monetize your blog.

    And meanwhile, you must try to apply for an AdSense account for your blog. If they accept your blog, that is good. And if they will reject your application at this time, you will be given a solid reason why your application was rejected. These are generally related to the content or quality of your blog. This way, you can always rectify those errors and re-apply for AdSense in future. (A free, professional advice from AdSense team? Maybe)

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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