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    Study related help for doing degree course

    Searching for Study related advice for a degree course? On this page, experts shall respond to your query.

    I have completed diploma in electrical engineering in 2013. Then I am doing a job in the same field and taking preparation for govt jobs. Now I also want to degree course but unable to decide what to do.
    Should I study: B.Tech(through lateral) or AMIE?
    In B.Tech can I do regular job + B.Tech from any college where class attendance will not a must. But private colleges charge more fees.
    In AMIE,it is tough to complete the studies. If I focused on AMIE then I have to leave govt job preparation.
    So now I am unable to decide that what to do?
    Should I take a govt job then think about degree?
    And if I do B.Tech from regular college along with doing job then can it be applicable?
    Which one will provide a better career?
    Awaiting advice.
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    My opinion is as follows -
    The author should not leave his job. While continuing in the present job, he may get himself registered for completing AMIE. Since his present qualification is a diploma, he can look for Government jobs in which the academic educational criteria is a diploma. Now the preparation for the Government jobs related competitive examinations and AMIE can go together.
    Preparation both for competitive examination and AMIE require studies. Devoting maximum possible time after completing the job by doing extra hard work is likely to yield some result at a future date.
    Confusing himself by thinking too much about various permutations and combinations will not lead to anywhere.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. The natural sequence of completing a qualifying a course is either to go for higher studies or enter a job. You have entered a job in the relevant field. That is a plus point. It is quite right for preparing for government jobs. If you feel that present job is not a good paying job or the career prospects are not that much good, you can continue trying for better jobs. However do not leave this job unless you get a better job.

    Now regarding confusion about further studies. It will be wise now to do AMIE. Doing B.Tech by lateral entry also will take another3 or more years. The situation then cannot be predicted now. At that time you may be a fresher theoretically, but you will not feel so and you may not be preferred as a fresher also. But AMIE is considered an equivalent qualification when you have got experience. More over for AMIE you can have your own convenience for studying.

    So what is suggested for you is: continue in the same job, try for better jobs. Only after getting a better job should you leave the current job. AMIE is a more convenient and suitable option for you. The workplace who can help you in your studies. If facilities are available you may join relevant coaching classes suiting to your convenience.

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    You are lucky enough in the sense that you have you have got a job and are interested in a government - job. This appears as a wise step. In regard to your study -plan, you are apprehensive that your continuation in B. Tech in lateral entry in a private college would be expensive is somewhat correct. The other vital point in this connection is the mismatch of your timings. Since you would join in the evening session while persuing your B.Tech degree, the situation may not be favourable always with regard to allocation of such timings, your employer may put you in shift - roaster making you impossible for your continuance to studies for B.Tech degree.
    With respect to your perusal for AMIE degree, there should not be adherence to any fixed timing, you can take up your studies in any convenient time depending upon circumstances. The benifit behind the perusal for the same is the part- wise clearance of the papers as per your convenience. On recognition angle, this is as good as B. Tech degree since former has been approved by the ministry, HRD and has been accepted in all sectors of employment.
    Preparation would not be tough since you would get ample guidance from the books available in the market. You can even join some leading institution like TIME and others by referring to Internet. In that way, you may clarify your doubts which may come up in course of your studies.
    I hope my assertion would wipe out your doubts.

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    If your planning to do B.Tech (through lateral) its fine. I think you should continue with your govt job preparation and the job your right now. When you earning only you can study by getting admission in distance education university. Those universities will have flexible study course and fees also.
    You can go in for any reputed distance education university and get your wished degree, by the time you complete your degree you will be experienced in job also and will have a higher degree. By doing this you will save lot of time. In the same time you will have experience in job and as well a higher degree which will help you in future to get govt job or any other job with higher profession.

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