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    Guidance in choosing the right medium for civil service exam preparation

    Preparing for civil services exam? Confused between the medium of preparation: Hindi or English? On this page experts shall provide you advice.

    I am a B.Sc final year student with English medium. My schooling was done in Hindi medium. Then I had selected English medium in B.Sc. because I thought after studying three years of B.Sc my English will be excellent. But when I got the admission and went to the class I found that in my college there is no separation of English and Hindi medium students. Most of the teachers are teaching in Hindi. So my plan of studying in English medium for three years was fully flop.
    Presently I am in the last year of B.Sc and I want prepare for civil service exam for becoming an IAS officer. I am at the point where I have to make the final decision that in which medium should I prepare for CSE: in Hindi or English. I want to take English medium but I am more familiar with Hindi medium.
    Can you provide guidance about which medium should I take for preparing for CSE?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Whether you choose english as a medium or not for civil services exam still you will need to study english and have good knowledge of english for getting better opportunities in life, and no institutions like schools and college can make a student to learn a language its only upto the student how much devotion he/she gives to the particular language.
    So first thing you need to do is learn english and clear your concepts side by side with your preperation, and after that only decide thr mediym for your examination.
    Because even if you choose hindi as a medium you will need to do hardwork becuase hindi question papers made by UPSC are also not that much easy and demand for conceptual and basics of language.
    So first acquire the deeper knowlwdge and command over the language and then decide which language to be opted as a medium for the examination.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Though after completion of a graduate degree, the minimum eligibility criteria of appearing in the coveted civil services examination is fulfilled and the candidates can appear in the examination, but practically much more preparation is required for actually cracking the examination. Merely appearing in an examination is no achievement till it is cleared also with flying colors.
    Therefore, in my opinion, the author should continue to learn the English language as well as go for higher studies even after completing his B.Sc. degree.
    However, since the number of attempts for general category candidates is six, for OBCs candidates 9 and no limit on the number of attempts by the SC/ST candidates subject to the overall maximum age limit of the respective category, the author can appear in the examination for the purpose of gaining experience.
    In my opinion choosing the English medium will be a wiser decision as learning English is otherwise also helpful in joining a service of all India nature.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Since the minimum eligibility criteria for appearing in the Civil - services Examination is a graduate degree but that would not be enough unless you prepare for the same thoroughly.
    With regard to selection of the medium, you may choose the one with which you are comfortable with. As far as the text - books of higher classes are concerned, editions of English are more popular than Hindi and as such your selection of English medium would be more convenient. Translation of some of Hindi - terminology may appear to be beyond your comprehension and owing to that reason, explanation in that direction would be somewhat difficult if consistent practice is not made.
    The importance of English - language cannot be denied. With a little patience and consistent effort, this can be learnt effectively. You may take the help of some reputed coaching - institute in order to excel in your written and communication - skill. You should look it this language at some different persepective. In IAS, you would be required to appear for English - essay and Punctuation where your competence in that field will be evaluated. So it would be better to improve upon the same.
    You would overcome all the hurdles with your pragmatic planning.

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