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    Budgetary provision in prohibition and excise department for creating awareness

    Searching for information about budgetary provisions of prohibition and excise department? Find response from experts on this page.

    Do the State Governments in India have budgetary provision in prohibition and excise departments/Revenue department for creating awareness about ill effects of consumption of alcohol, anti-drug, and anti-illicit liquor distillation?

    How do I get access to information on such a budget and who is the concerned authority to approach for understanding how those funds are utilized?

    Which States actually regularly utilize such a budget?

    Awaiting response.
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    Such information can be obtained by submitting an application under Right to Information Act, 2005. In case it is not sure as to whom to address such applications then, in the case of the states the application may be sent to the Chief Secretary of the state concerned who will forward the same to the department concerned. On the website of each Government organization/department, full contact details are provided under RTI section.
    In the case of the central Government, the application may be sent to the cabinet secretariat, in case it is not clear to whom to send the application. Generally, required information is furnished within 30 days in case transfer of the application from one organization to another organization is not involved.

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