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    What are the common organs which are generally transplanted in a human body by doctors?

    Wondering which organs can be transplanted in human body? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    Generally, the people are aware of transplantation of the eyes, heart, kidney and liver etc. in the human body by the doctors. What are the other common organs which are generally transplanted in a human body? Is it possible to transplant insulin producing organ in the human body?
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    Most common donor organs are liver, heart, kidney, eyes and few parts nearby lungs. Other parts are not possible to donate because there is issue such as Deontological issues and Teleological issues preventing other persons organ being transplanted. Often such transplants if remain unsuccessful may result in death.

    Insulin producing organs are specific to the body and they usually match outside the donors body. So they are not being replaced with another persons. However there is a lot of research being done on this part and in future you may either find artificial means for producing insulin or the donor being possible to transfer the organ.

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