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    Which course should I be going with, so that I have a good progressive scope

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    I have passed class 12 last year with 89% marks. I wanted to pursue a career in medical field. Last year in the month of May I met with a road accident and I could not give my exams. I waited for a year and since my parents declined any financial help for coaching, I went for self study at home.
    But this year all other exams got cancelled. So I could only give NEET exam and State Entrance exam. The phase 2 of NEET did not go well for me. For JCECE state entrance I shall be attending the counselling, I'm not sure if I will manage to get a seat for MBBS. I don't to waste one more year, in case I can't get MBBS.
    I have the following choices: veterinary science, BDS,agriculture,forestry,BHMS.
    I am not sure what to do because though I am hard working but I don't want to waste my year. At the same time I want a progressive and good career.
    How I should deal with this?
    I am even more concerned regarding the faculty and quality of the college. I just want to make sure I make the right choice.
    What should I be choosing?
    Experts: do provide guidance.
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  • Based on your question it seems you're just confused about specific course within medical. In such case the best advice can be given by the professionals themselves. So you have to contact the people who have completed those degrees. You have to find out how they work on everyday basis. This way you can also understand their financial and the career growth. Once you understand that choosing the right degree from BHMS, MBBS, BDS becomes easy for you.

    Next part comes for the college selection. On that I'd suggest try to pick the college that has minimum 10 years of establishment. The reason being that helps your career, as the faculty and the people who are in the premise can pass their experience. New and non-established colleges don't help much with their experience.

    After these two things, your career depends on your performance in terms of education and the performance you put into the exam and the real life. That's what should be in your focus.

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