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    Why movie premieres on Thursday night or on Friday?

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    If you see in all countries movies gets premiered or released on Thursday night or on Friday. In India exception is when any festival like Eid or Diwali, movies gets released on that day irrespective if it is Friday or not.Why is that so?
    One factory of releasing Friday is weekend, when people can watch without weekday tensions. What other things impact it? Is it legally necessary to release movie on Friday? Also is there permission required to premier movie on other weekday than Friday?
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    In India there is a ever craze for the movie and the producers and directors have been deliberately choosing the Fridays as the main day for releasing the new movies which would get huge collections. The reason is simple. There are so many non working people and labor class in India who has the habit of going to the movie on first day and first show. These are the real people who spread the popularity of that movie by word of mouth. Once the movie seems to be hit , then the next two days, ie saturday and sunday would be full with advance bookings. Normally a movie wont cater to the needs of the class people but to the mass people. They are the biggest lots for the movie makers to make money and thus every movie has one or two pro- mass songs and also the dialogues would be directing to them. Thus some positive signals go out and the movie would be made hit at least for that week starting with Friday.
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    Movies are expected to be performed better during the weekend. This includes holidays, loger weekend holiday etc. So the movie producers benefit from the box office collection if they make use of the holidays. Movies being published during any other time don't perform much. So this is the best option for the sales to release the movie during such holidays. Another point is that people are expected to spend more during the weekends or days closer to weekends. So friday is one day where people spend the most.

    There is no legal reason for releasing the movie on specific day. it's about the commerce behind the release. If the movie performs worst due to being released at the start of the week, then the house has to bare the expenses. Also some of the time peoples view towards movie changes when they watch the movie.

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    Once started as convenience , it stayed as tradition. Fridays used to be 'weekly market days' in most towns in early days. Buyers and sellers come to the market town from other places. Mostly they return by late night or next day, and only to return the next week's market day. Festival dramas and later movies or talkies were one of their entertainment after a good sales or buy. These people then spread the word to other places on their return about the movies. Weekends and Sundays bring family spectators and those who have heard about the move locally. Saturdays and Sundays used to have 'Morning shows and Matinees'.
    If the movie is attracting more crowds then it will continue for next week from the next Fridays second week etc. If the film does not attract people, then it will be removed and a new cinema shown from the next Friday. That tradition just stuck.


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