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    Tips for how to prevent Kidney stones

    Having a problem with stones in kidney? Searching for tips and home remedies? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My friend is suffering from Kidney stones. He tried Ayurvedic medicine to remove the Kidney stones but it seems the stone was never broken nor released. He gets pain and sometime he finds it hard to sit for a while. He took a scan that shows a bigger size of the stone in both the kidneys. He has to undergo surgery but he is afraid.

    What are the best home remedies for Kidney Stones? What is the Natural Remedies for Kidney Stone? Is cranberry helping for Kidney stone?
    Experts: do assist.
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  • Though the cranberry juice is considered good for preventing urinary tract infections but it has the opposite effect in the case of kidney stones. It is high in oxalate which may worsen the kidney stones problems.
    In case , the size of the stones are bigger in size then , it is better to follow the medical advice of an expert urologist and opt for the surgical procedures in case so recommended.
    Shockwave lithotripsy (SWL) is a choice opted by many for the management of small to medium sized kidney stones.
    It is generally performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. It is a noninvasive procedure and no incisions are required.
    However, the following home remedies are recommended for prevention of kidney stones -
    1. Taking one spoonful of basil leaves juice with 1 spoonful of honey daily in the morning is considered beneficial in such cases.
    2. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day to produce clear urine is considered helpful.
    3. Other recommended dietary supplements are lemon juice, tomato juice, celery, figs and watermelon juice.

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  • Kidney stones have different forms and depending on which type of stone you're having the diet and the prevention methods will differ. For example, there is calcium stones, oxalate stone etc. So the method of prevention may differ for sure.

    Here are some of the common ways to prevent the kidney stone.

    1. Avoid cabbage. It can contribute to the stone formation conditions.
    2. Avoid spinach. The contents in this vegetable are not good for bladder when your stones are forming.
    3. Avoid vegetables which are grown under such as sweet potato, regular potato, muli, etc.
    4. Avoid aginomoto and anything Chinese food. The Chinese food has tendency to trigger the formation of the kidney stone. Mostly calcium stones are formed due to this.
    5. Avoid having too much salt, green chilly, sugar into your diet. The kidney stone usually gets affects due to too much content of these three.
    6. Avoid soda. Consuming soda on frequent basis means you're inviting kidney stone. This also includes beer, and other alcoholic products.
    7. Avoid coffee and any drink that has caffeine.

    Here are some of the things you can do to prevent the occurrence of the kidney stone.

    1. Drink plenty of water on regular basis.
    2. Do the exercise. Exercise keeps your body healthy.
    3. Avoids sedentary lifestyle. Often kidney stone can be prevented with the active lifestyle.
    4. Reduce weight. If you have gained weight then you suffer the most during kidney stone. Reducing weight will reduce formation of stone and also less burden on the bladder.
    5. Follow your diet.
    6. Get your kidney stone tested and set the diet accordingly.
    7. Keep painkiller closer. Often the kidney stone pain will make it harder for you to sleep at night or even sit patiently so having painkiller tablet nearby is handy.

    These are some of the things that you can do and if you follow your diet carefully then it is going to help you for sure.

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  • There are a few effective home remedies to address the problems. The following tips would be helpful-
    1) Apple Cider Vinegar if taken two teaspoon along with one teaspoon of honey twice a day for a fortnight would cause the disintegration of the stones and would come out easily. The vinegar helps in breaking the stone.
    2) Olive oil mixed with lemon - juice- If three tea- spoon of Lemon - juice is mixed with a two teaspoon of Olve - oil and on Continious taking this mixture twice a day for sometimes would yield positive results.
    3) Tulasi - leaves- If four to five leaves of Tulasi leaves are chewed daily twice a day for a month, there will be total expulsion of the stones.
    4) Pomegranate - juice - Include the pomegranate - juice in your morning and evening breakfast to take care of the kidney- stones. By regular taking the same for at least a month, stones would pass through the urine.
    If you are suspecting there are chances of stone - formation in the kidney, avoid the following things-
    1) Avoid Spinach since this may cause accumulation of oxalate.
    2) Green chilly should be avoided.
    3) Excess consumption of Soda, Sugar, Coke to be avoided.

  • For kidney stones,you can suggest your frien to include banana flower and banana stem in his diet.
    The banana stem which we call in Tamil as "vaalai thandu" works as a mircale to break kidney stones naturally.
    Coconut water can be taken thrice a week to remove toxins from body.
    You should find out if the stone is made of calcium or uric acid and adjust the diet accordingly.
    Drink lots of water to flush the kidney out of the body.

  • In above answers everyone told about diet and something else. Follow them. But my suggestion is go for yoga. The best one is surya namaskara, the 12 easy asanas, everyone can easily do. Do surya namaskar in morning times by chanting each mantra for each asana. Here you don't think about religion, there is a link between sound and health, definitely it cures your stones problem. Your health is more important than religion, isn't it?

    Remember that you can see the result slowly, but you never see those problems in your life time. You may do them at least 3 to 5 rounds daily. At starting you can do it slowly, but you should increase speed after some days, because the later is so benefit than previous. You may waste so much of money in hospitals, can't you give 20 minutes daily for your health?

  • According to a study Kidney Stones are found in 1 person among the 10.
    Here are some precautions to prevent kidney stones.
    1. Drink sufficient water throughout the day
    2. Eat fewer oxalate rich foods
    3. Choose a diet which has low salt and animal protein
    4. Eat calcium rich foods
    5. Reduce sodium
    6. And avoid stone forming foods

  • Keep your body hydrated always, don't allow things to accumulate things around, in and outside kidney.

    Take sufficient water as per your body requirement, particularly, during winter.
    Revisits your dietary chart again if frequent stones problem is coming and consult doctor.

    Water will clean your kidney by throwing out these toxics through urine.
    Less consumption of water by us will not ensure proper disposal of these toxics from the body.

  • Kidney is the one of the internal body of the human parts. Kidney used for the unwanted waste to be drained out by the urine and urethra. It has minerals salt stone will be created the nerve to have kidney stones in the urinary pathways and it has most painful disorders. It has blocked the flow of urine and in bleed the blood it has dangerous way. Stones have small size it will cure in some home remedies and difficult size of stones will cure in ayurveda and siddha it will cure the kidney specialist doctor. It some causes, symptoms and home remedies and tips are given below.


    1. Drinking water is not properly drink whole day; it is the main causes of kidney stones.
    2. Minerals are not clear balanced the parts to stone are created the kidney.
    3. Fruits like, tomato and cabbage are taken heavily the stones are induced the kidney.
    4. Improper diet and lifestyle will be created a stone in kidney.
    5. Alcohol drinking and smoking are also create the stone.
    6. Tea and coffee are heavily drink to stones is induced.
    7. Frequently injected the overdoses of vitamin d are also creating the stone.
    8. Keeping urine suppress to struck anyway it will cause the stone in kidney.


    1. Stomach or Abdominal pain is heavy
    2. Nausea and vomiting to anytime
    3. Urine colour red or brown colour is changed and pain is induced.
    4. Suddenly fever and body chillness to attack the pain
    5. Drop out the immune system is less
    6. To urine smells bad and cloudy.
    7. Burning sensation while urinating to bleed blood.

    Home remedies & Tips

    1. Ayurvedic medicine of Triphala suranam powder to mix with hot water with drink after food and it will melt the stones day by day.
    2. Guava fruits and leafs are treated with stones in kidney.
    3. Take banana steam juices add with honey or brown sugar to drink twice a day. It will meltdown the kidney stones to by urine wayout.
    4. A cup of Bitter milk taken adds with kaddukkai powder a teaspoon mix and drinks the after food to solve the problem.
    5. Take a handful of Basil (Tulasi) leaves grind the juice with 1 teaspoon of pure honey drink daily in the early morning. It will cure the stones in kidney.
    6. Ayurvedic Doshas pitta, kapha and vatam are the toxin in body in the form of kidney stones it will a vilva leaf juice and fruits.
    7. Watermelon juice drinks daily to melt the stones.
    8. Drinking water daily about 5 liters a day

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