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    What is the actual name of 10th level board examination?

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    The 10th level board examination is sometimes referred as a matriculation examination and at other times as a secondary school examination. What is the actual name of 10th level board examination? Do the CBSE and state boards have different nomenclature? Is the word matriculation is the official description of the 10th level board examination?
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    Prior to 10+2 system, the 10th examination was widely pronounced and used in written as the matriculation examination. The percentage obtained in this system led people to take admission in vocational and the professional graduation courses. So the name as matriculation exam remains the same for decades and even to date. In case of 10+2 system, the boards across india started to have the two distinct exam patterns, secondary school examination at 10th and higher secondary examination. That's how the SSC name remained for the 10th and HSC remained for the 12th. Some of the boards such as ICSE and CBSE have the 10+2 system forced, has reduced the usage of the name SSC and Matriculation exam under their curriculum. And their exam upto 12th is conducted normal like any other years exam.

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    Prior to emergence of higher secondary - schools, eleventh was the last class and all the students after scrutinising in the final test were allowed to appear in the Matriculation - examination. With the introduction of Higher Secondary Level, the examinations for class ten and twelve have been split up, and at the end of class ten in both CBSE and ISCE examinations are held and the certificates are offered as Secondary - school Certificate shortly named as SSC. On passing the same examination, students persue for higher studies for class eleven and twelve and at the end of the course, they are offered certificates indicating that they have passed Senior - secondary Certificate applicable to both of the boards CBSE and ISCE.
    State - level Boards are known as Bihar School Examination Board, West Bengal Examination Board etc. With respect to course content of these Boards, they don't vary much as that of CBSE and ISCE.
    Yes, on passing tenth class, we assume that the candidate has passed the Matriculation - examination.

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