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    Query about gas lighters used in kitchen

    Wondering why gas lighter used in kitchen gives a jerk or a current? Find answer to your query from experts here.

    Sometimes when we apply force on lighter it gives a jerk or current. In actual what is it and why it happens?
    Awaiting response.
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    When we are using the lighter, the function of it is to create small spark to ignite the fire near gas. So the internal mechanism is designed to create a bit of shake and ignite fire. The jerk that you see is because of the mechanism that triggers the spark has it. If this mechanism fails the lighter stops producing the spark that is generated from the friction. Even small amount of issue in the lack of friction stops the current.

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    The gas lighter works on friction-heat principle. If we hit or create friction on certain substances they produce spark. The mechanical gas lighter has a substance which gets hit or rubbed by a metal part released by a spring. The spring action is by by pressing the 'switch', which has a spring-lock-release mechanism inside.
    It is that spring action and the friction or hit by 'hammer' that we feel at our hand. The spring 'rebound' action also gives the shake.

    In the electronic(battery operated) lighters the friction is relatively less as the spark is produced by electrical action- by creating a voltage difference between to nearby points when an arc or spark jumps from the charged point to the other.

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    The kitchen lighter works on Piezo Electric principle. The lighter contains a Quartz crystal inside it. The crystal is hit by a metal that is loaded by a spring when you press the lighter switch. The quartz crystal when hit by the metal emits high voltage. This high voltage is carried to the tip of the lighter that you see just at the centre. This high voltage induces a spark between the tip and the body of the lighter. If you happen to touch the lighter body while pressing the switch, you tend to get a light shock due to the high voltage it carries.

    However, there are instances when the lighter has gone faulty and thus the current leaks through the body. In such cases, you are most likely to get a shock.

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