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    Why are Sample Pictures, Sample Music, Sample Videos provided in Windows OS?

    Wondering why Windows OS provides samples of pictures, music and videos? Find suggestions from experts on this page.

    A folder 'Sample Pictures' is provided in the folder 'My Pictures' in Windows OS. In a similar way, the folders 'Sample Videos' and 'Sample Music' are provided in the folders 'My Videos' and 'My Music' respectively in Windows OS.
    Is there any particular reason for providing them other than to use them if there are no other media in a computer?
    Also, why are the pictures Chrysanthemum, Desert, Hydrangeas, Jellyfish, Koala, Lighthouse, Penguins, Tulips provided?
    I mean, is there any relation between Microsoft and those pictures?
    This question may seem silly. But, it is a fact that Microsoft purchased its generic wallpaper from a photographer for a huge amount.
    Is a similar story available for these pictures too?
    Awaiting response.
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    Yes and No. You may consider them as the media files for testing purposes. While I have not had hands on each and every edition of different Windows products, but the most that I could get did have some high resolutions pictures 'as well as a few music tracks' from singers I've never heard in my life as an Indian Windows customer. On an deeper look, you will also find a few Wildlife videos on short duration that came by default with your Windows system. And obviously these are not what your computer or laptop manufacturer put there.

    Most probably, they are put there because Microsoft did not wanted us to stay with a dumb system. For testing and having some taste of the newly installed operating system, you must have some high resolution pictures to apply and change the feel on using your system. There is some music too, so that when the first time your turn on your system, you will have something to play and listen when you have stored no data as yet. Same applied for the videos.

    The sample folders may have been there intentionally or as tiny bug worth ignoring. I have addressed it as a bug worth ignoring as I have looked into these folders on my Windows 8.1 system and could not find a Sample Pictures inside Pictures or Sample Videos inside Videos. Most probably, even Microsoft may have been aware of the same and they removed the additional folders in their future releases. (Should I guess that you are using an edition of Windows 7 or lower?)

    Although, I agree to be a witness that those folders did exist when I was a Windows 7 user a few years ago.

    (As a learner and developer, I often instruct my long lines of code to create random files and folders in the destination folders to ensure that I have full access to that location for different operations. As a budding dev, I would assume a similar story for the existence of Sample folders in some Windows versions)

    Also, rarely does anybody use those folders to store their data. You can always prefer to store your useful data on another partition or an external storage. It saves us and our data when out of nowhere our Windows goes corrupt or fails to start.

    Ank Arya

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    Those are test data files kept in order for the system to test if it can execute and let the user view it. The test data remains in those folders until the user deletes it. The reason for those folders creation is because there are some of the public domain file format that doesn't require driver and encoding are part of operating system. So to test if the operating system is capable of playing the files using default set of applications.

    Windows comes up with default support for some of the file formats. And the apps such as paint, media player, notepad can read those test data files. And for showing support for basic such formats, those applications and the test files in Documents, Music, Pictures are offered.

    Windows media player can be used to test the sound driver using one of the sample sounds. Paint can be used to check the file format of those sample images to open and edit the images.

    Apart from sample data, the display manager also makes use of the sample wallpapers, sample sounds and font is being used for the theme. The theme with the options in "Personalize" section makes use of those files. The vanilla installation of the files allows user to make use of those files while customize the look and feel of the files.

    So those files are being placed for a reason of testing and to verify the default application.

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