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    I couldn't get sleep. Help needed!

    Solutions to sleep problems, Staying up all night, Food helping in getting a good sleep

    For some days, I don't want to sleep. I am getting a feeling that it is a time waste. I am staying until 12:00 AM and then going to sleep just because my parents are forcing me to. Is this a medical condition? If I don't sleep for a day, I am not feeling tired. How to get rid of this situation? Is there any healthy way to avoid sleep? I think there won't be any such way. So, please suggest me a way (like taking particular foods) so that I can get to sleep every night.
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    The author has not mentioned about the total duration of sleep he/she is able to sleep. In case it is possible to have 6 to 8 hours sleep after sleeping late at 2 AM then the situation will be different than the cases in which it is not possible to take adequate sleep.

    Also, in my opinion, any type of sleeping pill etc. should be avoided until and unless recommended by a medical professional after thorough investigation of the condition.

    The general recommendation is to not to indulge in any hectic activity like physical exercise and watching television or working on computers etc. prior to sleeping time.

    The dinner should be taken early and alcohol, tobacco or caffeine products should not be consumed in the afternoon. Even the dinner should be light and simple i.e. not too spicy and heavy. Taking a bath before sleeping is recommended.

    The sleeping area should be dedicated for sleeping only and the room, mattresses, pillow etc. should be comfortable.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Our biological clock works for digestion from 12 to 3 am. And if we don't get sleep during this time then the sleep issues affect our mind. And in order for this to avoid we have to push for the 6 hour sleep in any other way. You have to see some of the following options in order to work on short yet deep sleep therapy options. Short yet deep sleep can solve the issue with digestion.

    1. Listen to Binaureal beats. Listening to waves such as alpha, delta and theta waves along with binaureal beats can help with the sleep pattern.

    2. You can also take short naps during morning or afternoon to improve your sleep. This can be good option for completing the 8 hour long sleep. Also do take rest during Sunday or any other holiday you have. Do some other tasks in advance to save up some time for yourself.

    3. Do meditation before going to sleep. This helps in controlling the mind and getting some deep sleep. Most likely this may also help for long sleep patterns too. You may want to do meditation atleast 1 hour before sleep.

    4. Do not eat 1 hour before going to sleep. This will help your body to control the digestion and sleep pattern changes.

    5. Practice on breathing. This helps when you are suffering from sleep issues. It also helps in getting some sleep this way. And your sleep and body management improves with this.

    You can find many other things that you can do apart from medication. You just have to work on the above mentioned small things for improving sleep patterns now.

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    Well, you have not mentioned your age. It may not be possible to ascertain the exact reasons for your sleeplessness. However, please note that sleeping is much needed for the proper upkeep of your body and your general health.

    It is utmost important to keep track of your biological clock. Though you may feel it is not affecting you right now, the improper sleep patterns can cause issues both in physical and psychological fronts.

    Some of the suggestions to overcome your sleep disorder are outlined below. Please do not take help of sleeping pills or such methods.

    1. Follow a fixed routine. Fix a time to reach to bed. Avoid staying awake till late night.

    2. Take a little or balanced food at night. Over eating can cause sleep disorders.

    3. There are several therapies available to treat sleep disorders. Consult a specialist to get proper suggestions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia is one such therapy that helps in this context.

    4. Avoid smoking late at night. Avoid tea, coffee or such beverages.

    5. Though this may seem bizarre, I need to mention this as it is known to have better effects in many patients suffering from sleeping disorders. Having sex, or masturbating before going to sleep can be much helpful.

    6. Take a shower before going to sleep. It slows down the metabolic activity and induces sleepy feelings.

    7. Develop some fine feelings about sleep.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    As you have stated 'For some days, I don't want to sleep. I am getting a feeling that it is a time waste'' this is the reason that you do not have sleep into your eyes. AS we programme our mind it act accordingly. Your biological clock has been given the key not to sleep. So you change your thought that i have to sleep at 11pm and to get up 6 o;clock. minimum 7 hours sleep is required to remain healthy. More you reduce the sleeping hours more you will become the prone to cardiovascular disease and heart failure.
    You will develop so many diseses like BP, sugar, headache. sight loss, pale complection etc.
    You are also advised to go thorough medical check-up if any of the above mentioned condition has already been set in your body. Go for yoga and some physical exercise, it will help you.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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