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  • Which country is best to study abroad after completing Class 12?

    Planning to study abroad after Std 12 but unsure which country would be the ideal one to study in? Check out the expert suggestions provided here.

    I am keen on studying abroad after having completed my 12th. However, I am confused about which country to select to study abroad. I am also not having any knowledge on how exactly to apply to study abroad and seek guidance here.
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  • Sharing detailed information about what you want to do will elicit helpful responses. Universities abroad offer a number of under graduate courses. The UK and the US are among the most popular countries to study abroad. Universities in these countries are known for academic excellence. However, in recent years trends have changed, with many other nations emerging as global leaders in imparting higher education.
    Some nations that are now being recognized for quality education are –
    1. Germany

    2. Australia

    3. Canada

    4. Singapore

    5. Malaysia

    6. Dubai

    Some universities offer generous scholarships to deserving candidates. Explore all your options before deciding on a university. Germany and Singapore for instance, have Government aided schemes, especially for international students.

    Here is what you must do -
    1. Gather information on World/Global ranking of universities in the course of your choice – a university may be ranked high overall, but might not have a good ranking in specific courses.

    2. Look for scholarships and grants that are on offer

    3. There are various criteria along which scholarships are based – women candidate, academic brilliance, overall application, region based, etc

    4. Ensure that you meet all the criteria before applying to universities – for instance, some universities may insist on a specific IELTS/TOEFL score

    5. The Board of Education (for XII) must be recognized by the university you are applying to.

    You can find a lot of useful information on courses/ universities in the study abroad section of India Study Channel.

  • There has to be some specific reasons and goals for studying abroad. After completion of 10+2, exploring the possibilities and options is likely to waste valuable time in planning and preparing from scratch. Generally, the study abroad options depend up to a large extent on the financial capabilities of the students/parents. In case there are no financial constraints of any kind, then it is possible for almost all students to go abroad for higher studies. Studying abroad on the strength of scholarships is a distant dream even for meritorious students as most of the institutions offering education are not totally philanthropic in nature.

    As advised by the others, ISC has rich resources about various study abroad options. The author may work hard and go through various available options by studying the articles available in ISC resources.

    It may be noted that it requires systematic and thorough study before taking a final decision. As the saying goes, there is no short cut to the success.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • You have to decide what type of career you wish to pursue. You have to understand that career goals need to be setup before you can pursue the education overseas. You can't just pick and choose country and then go with the career in it. In such case you'd have hard time adjusting with new country and the system to get adjusted into.

    Depending on the career stream you choose some of the popular countries to choose for education are -

    1. United States of America
    2. United Kingdom
    3. Australia
    4. Germany
    5. Ukraine
    6. New Zealand

    These are the most commonly selected places for having post graduation or even under graduation studies. Do note that you have to give exams such as SAT, MAT, TOFEL etc. Most of these are for the prior to graduation. In case of post graduation, you'd want to study the GRE exam. And the result of the exam decide where you wish to study ahead. Also do note that IELTS exam for English proficiency is compulsory in some countries. You have to keep tab on all these before choosing to study.

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