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    How to take admission in a foreign country with a scholarship

    Want to study abroad and get admission in a foreign university by applying for a scholarship? Learn from experts how to get such an admission.

    Every student is having some dreams. They want to study in a foreign country like America, England and other countries. So I want to know that what is the procedure for taking admission in a foreign country with a scholarship for students in class 10th, class 12th or after completing any degree. Although there are lots of colleges in India, they are mostly focused on theory part & those which do have focus on the practical part are expensive. So a student has a dreams to take admission in a foreign country with a scholarship to gain better practical knowledge, as also know the culture of another country. Please guide me for getting admission abroad with a scholarship.
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    I do not know about other cities, but when concerned about Hyderabad, every year educational fairs would be held through which Universities from different countries participate and give their profile to each candidate interested to study abroad. This time as there was a Australian educational fair and over 22 Universities were participated. Such interactions will give wider perspective about courses offered, fees structure and above all Indians already doing such courses and benefited through that. Some Universities are having fellowship programs through which they give scholarship and they also give placements after the successful completion of studies.
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    Incidentally, during recently concluded study abroad articles contest, hundreds of good quality articles have been posted in the articles section of the ISC and even prior to that many articles related to foreign education and scholarships were available in the repository of ISC.
    However, it has to be understood that there has to be a reason for foreign universities/Governments to offer any kind of scholarships. The universities which organize education fair etc. in major cities of India generally come to attract students for earning revenue in the form of fees. Education is a big business even in foreign countries. Most of the US universities and universities of other countries market their educational products.
    The actually brilliant and outstanding students need not attend such educational fairs, as they get guidance from their mentors and conduct necessary research on their own.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    ?This is a list of standardized tests that students have to take for admissions to various universities and colleges. Language proficiency tests are excluded here.
    Lists only tests not included

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