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    Are there any harmful effects of chewing gums?

    Are there any harmful effects of chewing gums? Nutritional value of chewing gums

    Few people use chewing gums habitually. What is the nutritional value of chewing gums? What ingredients are used in its manufacture? Are there any harmful effects of chewing gums? Is nicotex is a type of chewing gum only? Are sugarless varieties of chewing gums also available?
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  • Well, chewing gum does have its own set of bad effects -

    1. Many of you might be chewing the gum to avoid junk foods. But, on the contrary it increases your junk food intake. By chewing the gum, your appetite is likely to die out.

    2. It may induce jaw joint disorder. You tend to chew on one side of your jaw more which causes imbalance in your jaw muscles.

    3. Since you swallow air while chewing, the excess air intake can result in gastric problems.

    4. Tooth decay is one of the major issues with gum chewers. Your teeth and jaw are literally immersed in sugary syrup while chewing the gum.

    Chewing gums will also cause headaches, toothaches or ear pains after prolonged use. It is also known to cause problems like diarrhoea.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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