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    How to scan a large document in PDF without the text getting cropped out?

    Wondering how to scan Letter size pdf documents without any cropping? Check out this page for responses from experts.

    I have to scan a large sheaf of documents. Some of them are lengthwise large and don't fit on the scanning machine's glass plate. Hence, when scanning, the top sentence gets cropped out or the lower half of an official government stamp gets cut off. Is there some feature in PDF wherein the entire document gets properly scanned from top to bottom? In a few cases, I have been able to fold the blank space at the top or bottom to make the document fit, but this does not work for all the papers. Also, many of the papers are very old and brittle and need to be handled with great care as even a slight fold can tear it.

    The scanner model is HP Deskjet 1510 series.
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  • I have gone through your scanner specifications your scanner is only of A4 size. Here are the choices >one you can do is scan upper and lower part of paper seperately and join them in pc in image editing apps. >internet cafe: if your paper size is A3, these scanners are generally available at internet cafes or friends >there are also portable scanners available which can scan A3 >if paper is even larger than A3. These scanners are available only in few places.

  • Scanning upto A4 size is possible with most of the shops with XEROX or scanner system. However if the size of the text is of poster size or hoarding size, then in such conditions the place that prints them also has scan option. That way you can find the larger size of scanners to scan the content.

    Larger image size can be scanned and printed in very few and limited locations. You may want to check those options if you are trying to scan and convert the content into the PDF. Abbey finereader software has support for such large image documents. It can convert the content into PDF based on the custom size provided.

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