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    Is it true that the juice of the fruit pomelo (chakotara) helps in dissolving kidney stones?

    Wondering if the pomelo fruit's juice is beneficial for dissolving kidney stones? Get helpful expert views on the benefits of the pomelo fruit right here.

    What is pomelo (chakotara) fruit and where it is grown in India? What are its popular names in various major Indian languages? Is it true that the juice of the fruit pomelo (chakotara) helps in dissolving kidney stones as it is said that it dissolves oxalates?
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    Chakotra fruit also known as grapefuit is available in some regions in south and north east side. In India it is known as chakotra. In English it is known as "grapefruit".

    There were some homeopathy rumors on this juice being good for the kidney stone patients. However there is not much strong conclusive results on this one.

    Oxalates stones are serious and they require proper diet and some medication. So it's better to avoid using such juice for removal of the stone formation. As per 2005's research on this topic, the results are inconclusive. Also some of the stones being not removed and instead increased in it's length shows the study is yet to complete on this front.

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    Pomelo fruit has many health benefits apart from fighting against kidney stones. Pomelo is rich in Vitamin C. This is helpful in increasing the acid level in your urine. Thus it helps in reducing the chances of urinary tract infections.
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