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    How many days of paternity leave is granted in various types of organizations?

    Want to know about paternity leave for working people in India? Get quick information about the duration of paternity leave granted in various organizations in India from this Ask Expert page.

    In addition to the maternity leave entitlement for the mothers, paternity leave is also granted to the fathers of a newborn baby in certain organisations. Do private companies also grant paternity leave? How many days of paternity leave is granted in various types of organizations in India?
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    That indeed is a good point raised. Paternity leave is something a father of a new born baby is entitled. But, sadly enough, Indian labour laws do not have a stipulation of a compulsory paternity leave as far as the private organisations are concerned.

    Civil services sector under the central government are however entitled to such leave. As per the law, a civil servant with less than two children can get a paternity leave extending from 15 days before delivery to six months after delivery. They are paid the same salary as they have been getting at the time of proceeding on leave.

    There is also a provision to combine any other sort of leave with paternity leave. There are guidelines which state that the paternity leave application cannot be refused. The law is applicable also for adoption of a child under one year of age.

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    In Central Government offices, male staff can avail 15 days paternity leave during and after the birth of first two new-born babies.
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    The type of leave depends on the organization. In case of govt. organization the basic draft allows total 15 days of leave. In case of the services such as military and others in defense, you'd be allowed to take around 1 month leave if not ported on the field.

    In case of the private sector, each company has their own provision for the paternity leave. Not a single labor law is in favor of the paternity leave. So the private sector may offer the leave on the basis of 1 day to 15 days at the most. Some of the people have got around as low as 3 days of leave in such circumstances.

    As there is no strict law in Indian labor policies, it depends on the organization to offer such leave.

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    In Central Government offices, PSUs male staff can avail 15 days paternity leave but there is no provision of paternity leave in defense forces.
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    For all male central government employees 15 days of paternity leave can be sanctioned for two occasions in the entire service. It can be availed before or after upto six months of delivery. Nowadays almost of all state governments are also extending the same facility to their employees.

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