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    How to save a Pdf file rotated to the correct view after reverse scanning?

    Having a problem in saving a scanned document after correcting the reversed format? Quickly get expert guidance to solve the problem.

    I have one pdf file which was scanned of my document (2 pages) in 180 degree i.e rotated in bottom to top, as words all are in the reverse way. The file which I saved is in PDF ADOBE reader. I tried to rotate the document and in view options it is rotating. However, I am unable to save the corrected way as it is in pdf format. So could you please guide me step by step procedure to change its format and save it correctly in pdf format?
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    Adobe Acrobat reader doesn't save the file view options. So if you rotated the file in reader, then it'll not save the PDF file. Because reader is not supposed to make changes to the PDF File. If you want to edit the PDF file for such changes, you need to download one of the apps -

    1. PhantomPDF
    2. NitroPDF

    One of the app from above will allow you to edit any PDF that you open with it. And once opened you can rotate the direction of the images inside the PDF or the PDF files pages can be rotated as well. The above apps are not free, so you have to purchase them to make such changes. Or you can get this done from freelancers on upwork or fiverr.

    You can also do this online from some of the websites which allow editing. However not all of them offer the view rotation option available for free.

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    You can not edit the PDF using Adobe reader .

    You can edit PDF file using following site freely if you have access to internet

    There are many other sites which will do your job

    After editing you will get download link .

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    1. Right click on the picture in pdf and do a save as picture to your computer. This will give you a photo/picture format file
    2. Open the photo in Windows Photo Viewer, or any other software and rotate it as you desire.
    3. Do a print (Ctrl+P) and select the option to save as PDF. You will get the corrected image in PDF format.

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