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    How to resolve problem of Windows 7 start menu quick search process?

    Having a majore problem in the non-functioning of the Windows 7 start menu quick search process? Get quick help from experts to understand and resolve the problem.

    I am using Windows 7 home premium OS. Since the past few days start menu >>quick search option is not working. Whatever I type, after some time it is showing as no data found. I even verified by searching my computer, recycle bin etc and it is showing result as not found. Let me know one thing - normally in java, for searching data, we enable through one keyword as hashmap; get keyword has been used, similarly in unix -gep keyword is used to enable search data options. So in Windows, which keyword is used in OS programming? Kindly provide resolution to this as a step by step process ASAP.
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  • The problem with Windows 7 search happens because your Windows 7 search indexing is having issues. This can be fixed by rebuilding the index.

    If the Windows indexing option is disabled then you have to enable it in order for the indexing to work properly. Find the indexing option listed in the following path -

    1. Go to control panel.
    2. Navigate to Programs and Features.
    3. Go to link that shows option to Turn Windows features on or off.
    4. It'll open Windows Features dialog.
    5. In this dialog you have to check Indexing Service.

    If this is already enabled then you don't have to do anything and just have to rebuild the index on existing changes made in Windows 7.

    You can also use the following instructions to index the operating system content -

    1. Go to Start menu option and go to control panel.
    2. Find the indexing options from the top search bar.
    3. In the Indexing options dialog click on Advanced.
    4. On the advanced dialog window, find the rebuild button.
    5. Click on rebuild button.

    As for the keyword equivalent to the grep you can do use findstr on windows. Also for powershell the keyword will be different.

  • anywaythanks for your information. Without this index services option. I tried by deleting my temp file using Ccleaner application . now its working fine. its because of cache memory full issues it seems. hence we need to clean temp file regularly.
    thanks for your response.

  • this issues is repeating, now I'm unable to enable that index box. while trying to enable this , one pop-ip window its showing error occurred. cannot do this what shall I do now?

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