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    What are lifestyle diseases and how these differ from normal diseases?

    Want to know what defines a lifestyle disease? Understand from the views below the concept of lifestyle diseases & how these differ from the normal ones.

    We often come across the term 'lifestyle' diseases. Is it possible to totally prevent and treat such diseases only by lifestyle changes? What are lifestyle diseases and how these differ from normal diseases? Please give some examples to elaborate the point.
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    Life style diseases are associated with deviation of normal life styles such as excess consumption of Alcohol, Smoking, Habituated with cold drinks such as Coke, Cola, Sprite etc. Excess ideal sitting and abuse of drugs are also linked to Life - style diseases.
    It differs from the normal diseases in the sense that the Life - style diseases such as High - blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart - disease, Asthama etc are irreversible and can be kept under control by means of certain medications.
    To a large extent a slight modification in our diatery habits and inclusion of exercise would go a long way in arresting them. A brisk walking for thirty minutes daily, abstaining from Alchol may reduce both High - blood Pressure and Diabetes - type 2.
    The normal diseases include TB, Cholera, Dengue, Typhoid, Malaria etc. These diseases don't have any linkage with our disciplined intake of foods or with the involvements of exercise.

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    Lifestyle diseases are the one that are caused by lifestyle change. This includes sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, consumption of narcotic and alcohol. These all lead to the diseases or the disorders in the functioning body. For example lack of sleep leads to weight gain, depression, appetite change, lever damage and few other stomach issues. In case of alcohol consumption it leads to some of the lever and heart issues along with kidney issues. These type of issues can be prevented by changing lifestyle and also making some dietary changes. However usually the social and attitude change towards life affect the body with lifestyle changes. And for that reason a lot of body changes occur.

    You can prevent a lot of issues such piles, kidney stone, acne etc by changing your lifestyle. Avoid living sedentary lifestyle and you can make some changes. Also reducing or eliminating the consumption of sugar, alcohol, cigarette and few other intoxicated items can help the health too. Doing exercise and being fit can prevent a lot of health issues too. This way one can be disease free and can be really healthy too.

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    Lifestyle diseases - as the name itself indicates, are the diseases that have been acquired as a result of the way one lives his/her life. These are caused generally by abuse of alcohol. smoking or drugs. Eating junk food or lack of physical activity can also be a cause for such diseases. Some of the prime examples could be Heart ailments, diabetes, stroke and obesity.

    The diseases once acquired cannot be cured. You can just keep them under control. Unlike the normal s=diseases, the lifestyle diseases have a cure at all. The changes these diseases bring into your body are irreversible. Moderate exercises and proper diet can help you avoid getting these affecting you.

    The best way to stay away from lifestyle diseases would be to live a serene lifestyle. Giving up smoking, alcohol or drugs in the early stages of addiction, avoiding over use of processed foods and red meat along with a healthy exercise schedule can help you get better results.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Generally diseases are caused by bacteria, virus and other microbial organisms. Many diseases are spread by air, contact, consumption of infected food or water etc.

    However there are certain health issues which are not caused by any external agents or microbial organisms. These diseases are caused by the body's immunity deficiency or lack of resilience due to ear and tear or malfunctioning caused by wrong ways of life or life style. Such diseases ae called lifestyle diseases. Life style diseases are not immediate occurring.
    The one common example is diabetes. Diabetes is not caused by any virus or bacteria.

    Life style diseases are caused by the wrong ways of life like very low activity, sedentary life style, eating fast foods lacking nutrients, consuming high calorie foods but do not having any physical activity etc. Consumption o alcoholic liquors, smoking, drugs, etc also can cause diseases.
    Many lifestyle diseases are reversible over a period of time by correcting lifestyle if diagnosed and treated at start itself. However sometimes they could only be 'managed' if they pass beyond a stage. Lifestyle diseases can lead to complications and fatalities in many cases if not properly diagnosed and treated and lifestyles not amended and adjusted for compliance.

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