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    What are the rules on sign boards and hoardings for business information and promotion?

    Looking for information on the official rules for business information and promotion on sign boards? Get details of such rules from this Ask Expert page.

    I want to know what are the rules and norms of putting a sign board in shops and private company offices. To which type of outdoor advertisement the taxes are applicable and what's the amount of that? If a small business puts a banner or sign board in front of his shop, what are the norms for it? Is it necessary to write the business details in local / state language in the board; if yes, then why?
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    Hoardings and signboards and outside advertisements come under the control of local authorities. Sanction has to be obtained from the local Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation.
    Generally, one normal signboard is allowed in front of a business, attached or installed inside the business premises. which has obtained licence to function from the local authority. Additional boards need to be got sanctioned from the authorities by paying necessary fees. Many authorities give these in tender to some private agencies and in such case the personnel of agencies inspect and demand fees for such boards and billboards.
    There are rules and guidelines in placing such boards in public places. They should not be a nuisance and should not obstruct smooth traffic and passage of people.
    For wall posters and flex hangers, each one has to be go affixed by the approver's seal. That ensures that the necessary fee is paid for and it is allowed.

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    It is a very broad based question as bylaws about signboards and hoardings etc. are primarily enacted and implemented by the municipal corporations. Therefore the provisions regarding the same are not likely to be similar in all cities. It also depends on the size of the city e.g. in the case of Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad or Bangalore etc. , it is likely to be quite different from the tier-II and tier-III cities.
    In metro cities, modern types of hoarding like illuminated, neon, television, electronics and mobile display like auto panel (illuminated) etc. are also provided against normal types of non – illuminated hoardings and glow sign boards illuminated both backlit & front lit types.
    However, in general, all such bylaws are likely to have provisions for a certain specified amount of fee/tax to be paid periodically depending upon types of advertisements/ hoardings , restrictions on size/height, structural stability, consent of the owner of the property, insurance against third party risk etc.
    The author may contact the local municipal body of his city of obtaining specific details applicable to the city concerned.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Sign board and hoarding rules are different in each city. And a lot of those rules are governed by local municipal rules. For example, Mumbai has a rule for how much power to be used on such sign boards. Some of the rules also decide what type of the content is allowed and what type of the content can't be used on the sign board. It also specifies how much weight the building can take. And such type of rules may not be present in other cities.

    Some of the rules that are common metros are -

    1. No defamation, religious or personal should be on sign board.
    2. No obscene photos or images may be there on the board.
    3. Power consumed by the hoarding should be within the specified limit.
    4. Board should carry a contact detail board at the bottom. This contact is usually for the people who manage the advertising deals for the hoarding or sign board.

    These are some of the known board or hoarding rules in the metro cities.

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