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    What is the Indian name of Aloe Vera and how it is useful as a beauty product?

    Looking for information on Aloe Vera? Know from the responses here about aloe vera, its benefits in beauty products and its eatable forms.

    What is the Indian name of Aloe Vera and in which parts of India it is primarily grown? Is it an edible product and can be eaten in any form like as a vegetable or salad or in any other form? Also, what are its main uses and why it is used in many beauty products?
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    In India the Aloe Vera is well known as "GwarPatha" or "GhritKumari". In India it is primarily grown in Rajsthan. Yes it can be eaten as vegetable but in limit. The uses of Aloe Vera is for skin, dark circles, Diabetes, pimples and many more.
    It has total 200 species but first five are the useful for human body. It is very good if you take 1 spoon daily. It is used in many beauty products as well as in shampoo and daily soaps because it is very good for skin.

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    Aloe Vera is known by the name Gwarpatha in Hindi. The Sanskrit name for the plant is Ghrit Kumari. Though it has been found to be used mostly in treating skin and digestive problems, it is also used as a vegetable.

    There are many recipes involving Aloe Vera. Some of them are Aloe Vera ki Sabzi, Curry with Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Bhaji.

    Its main use as skin care system has many reasons associated with it. The plant consists of around six varieties of antiseptics. It can kill mold, bacteria, funguses, and viruses. The herb is under research for its anti AIDS and anti cancer properties.

    The medicinal properties of Aloe Vera has been used in following ways -

    1. It can cure minor vaginal irritations.

    2. If you are suffering from any gastrointestinal disorders, drinking Aloe Vera juice can relieve it.

    3. It doe shave laxative properties.

    4. It can strengthen gums and improved tooth health.

    5. It can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and relieve you of heart ailments.

    6. It is used as general general detoxifier.

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    Aloe vera has different names all over india, depending on where you have seen, you can find different language words. In sanskrit, the name is "grut kumari" and in hindi it is known as "gwarphata" and in marathi the name of the plant is "koarphada".

    Aloe vera is used for plenty of beauty and other clinical usage and examples.

    1. Using aloe vera on falling hair stops the hair fall issue and it helps to grow the hairs strongly.

    2. Using aloe vera on burned body parts or skin helps soothing the pain.

    3. Using the aloe vera on acne or some facial warts helps reduce the darkness.

    4. It can be used on the piles and fistula.

    5. Aloe vera gel consumption can be good for health.

    6. Using aloe vera on face with lot of oil, can help reduce the facial oil issue.

    These are some of the beauty treatment that can be done with the aloe vera. You can also use the aloe vera as a facewash gel or for scrubbing purpose.

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    The Sanskrit name of Aloe vera is 'Ghrit Kumari'. In Bengal, it is well-known to the Ayurvedic doctors as 'Ghrit Kumari'. However. In Hindi, it is called 'Gwar Patha'.

    Aloe vera is used for treatment of diabetes, treatment of various skin problems, treatment of heart problems, etc. Although this plant is originally from Rajasthan, now it is grown everywhere because of its medicinal properties. In my residential block, in every accommodation I can notice Aloe vera plant except our own.

    Although Aloe vera consumption is good for health, I have not seen it to be used as salad.

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    Aloe Vera is known as 'LOLISARA' in kannada, It can be grown any where even in small pots. The best part of it is it doesn't require much water to grow. Aloe Vera has its own medicinal values. Actually the inner part that is like gel form can be used for many health disorders. We cannot consume it as vegetable but can taken daily morning in empty stomach to reduce our weight and get control over diabetes. Actually consuming it daily keeps many health hazards away.
    It can be also used as beauty product because it has an anti-aging formula built in it, not only that it removes scars from our body by applying the gel of aloevera.
    It helps in improving the dry skin also. Actually aloe vera has N number of medicinal values.

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    Aloe Vera is one of the most medicated plants useful for various health cares. The leaves hold a transparent gel which is famous for its healing property. One of the elements found in Aloe Vera gel is "acemannan" that allows the nutrients to reach the cells, nourish them and meanwhile relieve them of toxins. In Ayurveda, it is used as a healer when applied and consumed orally. If you use the gel as a mouthwash it will give you relief from bleeding or swollen gums as it contains a healthy dose of vitamin C. It will help the sugar patients to lower down the sugar level of blood it you consume two tea spoon of Aloe Vera juice regularly. It will also keep you away from constipation and helps in proper working of your digestive system. Aloe Vera helps to keep your skin clean and hydrated. But if you are using other medicine and going to use Aloe Vera as a regular medicine it is advised to consult a doctor because it can create severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

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    Indian Alces, Kumari, Ghirita, Gawarpaltra, Kathale, Lozhesara, etc

    It is excellent in weight loss and antiageing.

    The gel which we get upon taking off the outer layer of the thick aloe leaf can be consumed as juice or directly.

    Its benefits as a beauty product:
    Soothes sunburn
    Heals wounds
    Fights ageing
    Treats acne and infection
    lightens blemishes
    Promotes healthy hair growth
    prevents dandruff
    Nourishes and conditions the hair and scalp

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    Aloe Vera is known as "Gwar Patha"in Hindi and in Sanskrit it is known as "Ghrit Kumari" . In Bengali it has same name as in Sanskrit. It is rich in medicinal properties. They are as follows-
    1. It is rich in moisturizing properties so use it for dry skin face packs. You can massage it in your skin immediately after extracting it.
    2. Natural treatment for burns.
    3. Works as natural treatments for dandruff problem. It is also good for dry scalp problem.
    4. Massage your skin with fresh aloe Vera gel to get rid from acne and pimple problem.
    5. Aloe Vera gel is good for anti aging problems. so use it in your face masks to get rid from wrinkles and fine lines on your face.
    6. Fight skin problems like pigmentation and blemishes.

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    Aloe - Vera is a very useful herbs and is known as Gwarpatha in Hindi and in Sanskrit it is known as Ghreetkumari. This herb has multiple applications both externally and externally. A few usage of the same are incorporated below-
    1) In case. you are suffering from pimples on your face, it's regular use for a couple of days will eliminate the imple - problem because of this herb being antiseptic and antiviral in nature.
    2) It may be used as Skin - moisturiser.
    3) It's regular use on the face will take care of wrinkles appearing in the old age.
    4) In case of internal consumption to the extent of a table spoon each time morning and evening, Diabetes can be contlled easily.
    5) Due to presence of high amount of Vitamin- C, Its regular use will check the high readings of Blood - pressure. It can regulate both Systolic and Diostolic - pressure.
    6) Toxin present in the body - system can easily be flushed out with its use. Hence it is a good remedy for Constipation.
    7) In case of Liver - disorder, it's use is strongly recommended by the Ayurvedic - doctors.
    8) Aloe- Vera enhances Immune- system since this herb is packed with a lot of Polysaturated and Monosaturated compounds helping our system to enhance White Blood Cells essential to fight with the infectious diseases.

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    In Tamil aloe vera is called kathalai. Kathalai is used as a vastu plant in Tamilnadu. Because is gives more benefit to human beings.
    1. kathalai is used to clean pimples and clear dead cells from face so it prevent pimples.
    2. Kathalai is used for treat skin problems some of them are pimples,black spots etc.
    3. Kathalai is used for the treatment of diabetics patient because it control glucose level.
    4. It also beneficial to women because it helps to prevent vaginal whitening disease.
    5. Kathalai is also used for treating hair problems.
    6. It also used as a moisturizing agent.
    7. It helps to grow hair long and make hair shining.

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    Aloe Vera is the best creamy products to shine the beauty of the face. It cures all types of face skin problems. It has different names in the world but Indian name is Aloe, Indian Alces, Kumari, Ghirita leaves, Gawarpaltra and also tamil name is Sotru Katralai and telugu name is kalabanda leaves. Aloe Vera is a gel to cut the stem, it will gel flow in their so many materials and nutrients are available. It will be as some benefits and ways to uses.


    1. Skin is always dryness of the summer and winter it will cure and maintain the moisture content of the aloe vera gel.
    2. It cures pimples and stretch marks of the face in the old age growing.
    3. Scratches of the skin it will antibiotics are induced.
    4. It will reduce the Dandruff and scalp places to grow the hair to maintain.
    5. Heartburn and stomach burn to be drink the juice it will reduce the acid reflux of the body.
    6. It will grow up of the immune systems.
    7. Reduces swelling, cholesterol and it used for piles problems.


    1. Cut the Aloe Vera stem and take the glue on apply the face. It will cure old ages of the stretch marks and freshness of the face skin to be brightens and Pimples.
    2. This glue is applied in the scalp it will help to grow the hair in the scalp places.
    3. Aloe Vera cut the pieces are grind to take the juice and add with honey or sugar candy drink twice a week before food. It will cure heart burns and reflux the gas in the acid to unwanted issues is cured.
    4. In women's are working in the kitchen, there are some injuries in the hand, face, shoulders. The gel will apply on the injures places it will cure and smoothness of the skin.
    5. In external piles (Haemorrhoids) are cured, it will apply the gel in top of the piles.
    6. Psoriasis of the skin it will prevent
    7. To prevent the skin allergies are itching in the skin rashes.

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