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    Why eating bitter gourd is considered beneficial for diabetic patients?

    Unsure if bitter gourd is having benefits for diabetic patients? Get your doubts dispelled from this Ask Expert page.

    Are bitter melon and bitter gourd same products and why eating bitter gourd is considered beneficial for diabetic patients? I have read that the bitter gourd contains some plant insulin. What is a plant insulin and what are the differences and similarities between an animal insulin and the plant insulin?
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    The bitter gourd consists of anti oxidants. It can scavenge off the free radicals. Bitter Gourd also contains polypeptide-P which is a plant insulin. The plant insulin is equivalent to the insulin produced by our pancreas. It reduces and helps you maintain the sugar levels in your blood.

    The Karela in the form of juice is the best one if you want to control your sugar levels. However, please note that if you have low blood sugar, avoid bitter gourd intake as it can reduce your sugar levels to state less that your body requires.

    Most of us avoid consuming bitter gourd because of its taste. You can avoid the same by cutting the Karela along with the seeds and soaking it in water for 15 minutes.

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    Studies have reported isolation of three major compounds in bitter gourd that have anti-diabetic effects(hypoglycemic agents). They are : charantin, polypeptide-p and vicine. Bitter guord helps stimulation of pancreas to produce insulin. It is also found that a substance lectin found in bitter gourd acts like insulin, reducing glucose concentration by suppressing appetite or craving for sugar.
    Insulin is a polypeptide hormone. As bitter gourd also has a polypeptide compound akin to insulin, it is said to have plant insulin.

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    There are two forms under which bitter gourd can be healthy for the body - juice and the fried chips. The fried chips usually done without usage of oil. And the juice has to be taken without addition of any sugar or salt. This helps directly to the insulin level in the body.

    The antioxidants in the bitter gourd also help the heart and the uric acid in the body. So this way it helps both diabetes, uric acid and heart. So in turn consumption of juice or the chips definitely help the health.

    When the person is suffering from the type 2 diabetes then the body has some issues maintaining insulin level. And that's where the bitter gourd comes in for maintaining the growth to optimum level. Bitter gourd along with flax seed consumed daily 2 teaspoon a day can be really helpful for the health.

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    The following are the benifits of taking Bitter - melon juice in a regular way-
    1) Bitter - gourd is effective in lowering Blood - glucose level due to presence of a chemical known as Charantin. This can take care of excess sugar present in the metabolism. Regular drinking of this juice will enhance the insulin - level.
    2) Because of high fibrous nature of Bitter - gourd, regular consumption of the juice will alleviate Constipation.
    3) It helps in removal of toxins present in the system resulting in weight loss.
    4) It purifies blood.
    5) High amount of beta- carotene can alleviate the eye - problem and
    can improve eye - sight.
    6) It enhances immunity level due to presence of beta - carotene and other nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin B.

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    Bitter gourd is generally known as 'Karela' in India. It contains a chemical known as charantin, which helps in lowering the blood sugar level of the body. Bitter gourd also contains anti-oxidants and it can help removing toxins from the body, thus helping weight loss. Bitter gourd helps in constipation and also to improve eye-sight.
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