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    How to increase height at the age of 19 years

    Want to increase your height at age 19? Check out the suggestions provided in the responses below.

    My height is 4'10, and weight is 39. I am a 19 year old female. Is it posstible to increase my height at the age of 19? If yes, could you suggest me how to do so?
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    If you do the sports activity and the exercise then chances of height increase is there up-to 21. After that however you can find the height reducing over a period of time. It's 19 so you can guess the biological limit for the height is coming closer. You should definitely find the height coming to it's threshold over a period of time. I'd suggest doing the sports activity such as - basketball and cycling. Most likely the basketball helps for the height increase. If the cycling is possible for you then definitely do try for that too and you'd be able to increase the height.

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    Height may grow up to the attainment of 21 years and in order to ensure that your height grows up to 2 ft, you may take the following tips-
    1) Ashwagandha Powder- This powder helps in stretching the muscles to a considerable extent. Consumption of 2 GM of Ashwagandha - powder in a glass of hot milk followed by Jaggery for 45 days can help you to grow in a healthy way.
    2) Intake of Proteins - Ensure that there is sufficient intake of curd, eggs, chickens on a regular basis helping you in achieving your growth.
    3) Involvement in Stretching - exercises are beneficial.
    4) You may resort to yoga and pranayama to strengthen your nerves.
    5) You should take abundant sleep for at least eight hours so that there is complete relaxation of the nerves.
    6) You must uptake Calcium such as - Curd, Milk etc. You may even take Calcium - tabs after consultation of your physician.
    7) Ensure that you are getting enough amount of Zinc so that it will help you in growing. You may consult your physician in this regard.

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    The height increasing time is till you complete your teenage. You can definitely grow tall by cycling or skipping daily. Any exercise that you do should be done at morning for quick response.
    Some grow tall because of their heredity, don't be disappointed that you are short.
    The thing that matters is, how you carry yourself and how confident are you about your work and the success in your work. Its good habit of growing taller. But never be disappointed with your height.

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