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    Gym exercises at the age of 13 year

    Tender age of 13 and gym exercises. Right time and age to start exercises.

    I am just 13. I am doing exercises at home similar to gym exercises. Will it affect my height? Is it right for me at this early age?I don't want to lose my height in any way. If it affects my height you must tell me. I will leave it.My height is 5 foot at current time. So please help me.
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  • At 13, you can do exercises that helps gain you some height. Some of the common exercises are -

    1. Cycling (it helps your leg muscles and hands)
    2. Basketball (it helps your body to stretch)
    3. Swimming
    4. Gymnastic

    These four activities will improve your metabolism. Also, it helps to gain weight and height in proportion. Do note that you have to do this till you reach 21. This way you can stay healthy and also helps your overall personality. I suggest you to start with cycling and basketball if you're comfortable and then extend with other gym exercise. Avoid weight lifting initially.

  • Hello,
    You must be now in 8th standard. At this age you do not have to do gym. In your regular curriculum there would be already class for PT stands for physical training. PT teachers are trained to conduct school age excercises.
    At this age first stay healthy by eating good food in regular time. Make hobbies of playing outdoor games like football,cricket,swimming which will keep you fit. Specially if you want to increase your height then do cycling and in school ground or if possible at home or gym do pull ups. Ask details of pull ups to your teacher or any elder brother or friend. Usually height and many other body characters follow your parents genes inherited so you can't modify those characters much. Till 21 years of age there is chances of height increase.

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  • Your age is not appropriate for Gym. Gym is usually suggested when your body has grown completely in terms of height and other physical organs.

    At this age, you should spend time in playing out door games like foot ball, basket ball, etc.
    Other activities like Cycling, swimming, dancing will be good for your proper body development.
    Gym based exercises are always to improve body build up so they may hinder your height growth, so please avoid it.


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  • Thirteen is definitely not the time to try workouts similar to those done in the gym. At thirteen your body is still developing - your focus should be on the overall development of the body. What you need at this age is regular physical activity – the kind you get playing team sports.

    Exercise does not stunt growth – it is a myth that gym workouts hamper growth. You will continue to grow as your height is predetermined based on your genes. However, there can be other implications of workouts done at a young age. You are working unsupervised and probably do not know the techniques of exercising right. You can pull a muscle, tear a ligament or damage a tissue or injure your back. You perhaps have no knowledge of supplementing the workout with the right diet. Gym workouts require a diet rich in protein, fibre and calcium. In addition you need to replenish salts that are lost during the exercise.

    I would suggest you to take life easy and enjoy being a teen. Go cycling, play team sports. Go for a swim or a run. Leave gym workouts for when you are older. Your focus at this juncture of your life should be to establish good habits that stand by you as you grow older. Learn to eat healthy, keep your self hydrated, focus on all round development of mind, body and personality. Aim at being someone who is admired - physical attributes are superficial - go beyond that. Good luck!

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