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    What it means by LGBT and what are LGBT rights in India?

    Details about LGBT and their rights in India, What do you mean by LGBT?

    We often come across the term LGBT in media. What do you mean by LGBT and what are LGBT rights in India? Is there any organization or the Government departments which formally takes care of matters related to LGBT rights? Is there any law related to such matters in India?
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    LGBT means Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. India recognises a third gender "Hijra" which could be interpreted as transgender. There are gay parades in major cities. As of now same sex activities are illegal despite a high court and supreme court verdict which were again subsequently overruled by the Supreme Court. Unfortunately Parliament has not taken any initiative to decriminalise same sex consensual activities. Homosexual intercourse is still a criminal offense under Section 377 of the IPC. Unfortunately. For a nation that has even Gods masquerading as the opposite sex and the country from where Kamasutra originates. How much more hypocritical can we be?

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