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    What is Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)?

    Want to know about Sex Reassignment Surgery? Know more about what type of surgery this is and whether the procedure is available in India.

    Of late in the context of the issues pertaining to transgender people, often the term Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) appears in the media. What actually is Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)? Is it medically possible to change the gender of an individual? Are such surgeries performed in India?
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    Sex Reassignment surgery is the surgical method by which a transgender physical appearance(especially the private parts or external sex organs) are surgically corrected to give appearance of the gender the person wants to be and have the major traits in action, reaction and self feelings.
    If the transgender person wants to be female and medically found to be so possible, then the male external sex organs are surgically corrected to appear as female. Similarly the other way also.
    Such surgeries are performed in India. There is a recent publicly reported and acknowledged case in Kerala of a mimicry-TV artist who underwent a sex reassignment surgery to be appearing as female.
    However the SRS may not bring the full functionality of the organs of a normal gender person. The success and residual life depends on the already dominant physical and psychological attributes and may need counselling also. There may need some follow up surgeries also . While it is comparatively easy to do the SRsurgery from male to female, the opposite is more laborious and complex.

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    Sex Reassignment surgery involves the complete change of reproductive organs so that there can be interchange of one gender into the other. These days medical - science is well advanced to handle such surgeries.
    The gender interested to have this surgery may meet the concerned surgeon for the evaluation of certain parameters such as function of related hormones and other procedural tests. However, it is a time consuming process and the success rate of the operation may vary depending upon many variables.
    The hormone required after the sex change may cease to function, making the surgery utter failure in some cases though the organs can be changed by means of surgery.
    Apart from it, some counseling is required to adjust these changes and the subject has to go through certain sessions to overcome the trauma that one has fallen into course of surgery.
    It may be noted in this context that surgeries from female to male is a complex procedure and much depends upon the expertise of the surgeon.

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