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    Adding a language in mobile phones

    Eager to add a regional Indian language in your smart phone? Get expert guidance on how to do so.

    I bought a new mobile (basic) of Lava KKT Trio in which the built-in languages are English, Hindi and Gujarati. I wish to add Tamil language in it as I can get or send messages in Tamil. Is there any possibility to add so and if possible what is the procedure and to whom I have to approach for this?
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    Here are the steps to enable the language of the choice on your phone. You can follow the instructions given below:

    1. Open your phone.
    2. Go to settings.
    3. Go to language and input.
    4. Tap on language.
    5. Choose the language of your choice.

    After you do this change, mobile may blink and the language change will happen immediately. And do note that there are some of the options which may not change into another alternative language. For that you have to download the language specific pack.

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    Well if your phone has that language then select the language from your setting menu and if it doesn't have then now a day there are many app in the google app store from where you can download any software of your choice and whereas about your required language, you please goto Google app store and search for tamil language messaging app.
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