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    Is it good to continue with arrears exams or pursue another academic stream?

    Unsure of whether to continue with Biomedical engineering arrears exams or pursue another subject? Get expert suggestions on which is the best option for you.

    I did biomedical engineering. I still have 16 papers. I don't know whether I should continue writing exam or do some other studies. How many ever times I do so, I am able to clear only 4 papers. Kindly suggest some idea whether to continue arrears exams or study something else.
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    Please analyse the cause for arrears. Is it that you are not interested in the subjects? Is it that you need support and more teaching? Is it that you have deliberately wasted you time by diverting to other matters than studies?
    Is there any other stream where you are more interested and have aptitude?

    You can get a solution if you know the specific reason. You may arrange for tuitions and special classes. You may put more efforts and time for studies.
    However if you are either not interested or will not put efforts then it is better to quit. Otherwise try to salvage the arrears by re-attempting with sincerity and hard work, taking needed support from teachers and friends. There is always chance that you may be facing similar issues if you "do some other studies" also if attitude and aptitude are not there.

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    I cannot make out how you were allowed to accumulate so many papers. In normal circumstances, maximum four papers are allowed as backlogs.
    Now a thorough introspection from your end is needed and in case you make a pragmatic planning to clear the papers such as undertaking coaching from the subject - experts or to have any session with your professors for the clarification of doubts on a regular basis, you would benefit yourself. In this process, you should not lose your interest.
    If at all, you don't find any interest in sustaining the course, you can start afresh with a course of your liking and in that way, you would come out of agonies with which you are facing at this moment and the fresh course so chosen may stimulate you resulting in its early completion.
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    It seems you are going through year gap crisis. And this has made you question your choices. Do note that do not listen to any negative remarks and the comments on your career choices. Isolate yourself from those type of people right now. Even if those comments are from some counselors and some so called professionals or scholars in college.

    Go meet the seniors who cleared the papers which you failed. Ask them what they did and what worked for them. This will give you idea on how to clear the paper and think about topics. This will also give you idea of how to clear the exam and what strategies to use. Get previous years papers and find out the pattern of questions that occur. And be ready for those questions. If you persist like this you'd clear the exam.

    When you can't solve exam papers and go through such traumatic experience. Only way to solve this issue is to find out how to clear exam. That's all. You need to find a way to clear the exams. And that should be your other goal. if you can't clear exams after say 3 years of constant exams and still the failure then you can think about it.

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    As per your idea, what could be the probable reason for this failure? It can be any but before taking any corrective action, you must know the reason behind it.
    If it is like you are not finding it interesting, you may change the stream but then again it is questionable that whatever field you will select, will it be of your interest?
    Students always think a lot before selecting any course and the same would have been done by you and that this point, rather than switching, I would suggest you to focus on studies and try to clear the course. You have studies this course for last 3-4 years so it is obvious that you have got some grip over the subject and it will be easier to complete this course rather than to start with new course.

    Lastly, you please check with the administration about your 16 uncleared papers because as per my knowledge, no institute allows such a huge numbers of uncleared papers.


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    Everyone get arrear so nothing to be disheartened. Try to figure out where you are going wrong and work on your weak areas. Start preparing and don't give up. Try and you will definitely clear. You should first have interest in your subjects only then you will be able to concentrate. If you feel the subject is very difficult, then try taking some coaching.
    If you feel it's impossible for you and if you are not gaining interest, then analyse on which course you have interest and you can enroll for that course. But wasted time doesn't come back. So before taking decision to change the course, think and try to figure everything out.

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