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    Is it possible to do B.Tech engineering after 12th without appearing for JEE?

    Eager to pursue B.Tech. engineering but don't wish to appear for JEE exams? Find out if this is possible and if not what are the other options available.

    I don't want to appear for JEE. I want to pursue B.Tech Engineering in 2017. Now I am studying in class 12 in science (Physics, Chemistry, Math). Can I do B.Tech. engineering next year? Or any other options to join for B.Tech Engineering? If there is no chance after 12th pass, then I can go for a Diploma in engineering.
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  • There are two distinct possibilities. The one is serious study and the other is just completing an engineering degree. Nowadays, there are a number of private engineering colleges where many seats remain vacant for want of students. I think such colleges are likely to be ready to admit any student irrespective of the fact whether he/she has appeared in JEE or not. In such a scenario, when a serious study is not intended, the author may be able to get admission after passing 10+2 examination.

    Such admissions are called 'direct admission' and are offered only by the private engineering colleges. The eligibility criteria generally vary from college to college and state to state. Theoretically, it is possible to get admission in an engineering degree course even with 40% to 45% marks at 10+2 level.

    However, as far as serious studies are concerned, one should work hard to clear a competitive examination and try to get admission in a Government college or a reputed private engineering college.

    After completing a diploma course in engineering, lateral admission in the second year of the engineering degree course is possible, but in the Government engineering colleges even for lateral admission, a competitive examination is required to be cleared.

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  • You can join self finance Engineering colleges in the states where entrance exam is not compulsory. I think TN is one such state. The current situation is so, that thousands of Engineering seats are lying vacant in the private management colleges in many states. So the private management colleges place advertisements in newspapers calling for candidates even with very low marks in12 th exam. Some of them even offer fee concessions and scholarships.

    The only thing is that you may not get the best college. However if you start early and do some research by seeing this years admission advertisements, you may be able to get admission in somewhat reasonably good college. If your 12 th result is good, you may get management quota seats in some good colleges, by paying higher fees and may be deposit. That is the state of affairs in Kerala at least.

  • Since the engineering colleges have mushroomed in almost all states like Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, West Bengal etc, there would not be any difficulty in admission in such private colleges. Even scoring a 40 percent would suffice the purpose of admission. In the event of getting an engineering degree from such colleges, you are not likely to make any headway with respect to your career in the engineering field.
    However, the other rout for admission in engineering colleges would be to face the competitive test conducted the different state governments. Being domiciled of a particular state, you have to appear for the competitive test of your own state and on the basis of your performance on such test, you may grab a seat in the state governed engineering college. Here you would get an opportunity of campus placement from different employers. You may consider this option.
    However, IIT tag has a different meaning and your sustained effort to clear the IIT test would change your career graph for good. So, you should make a concerted effort for cracking this test.
    Yes, by passing twelve, you may take admission in engineering diploma. On passing the same with distinction marks, you may claim admission in the second year of the engineering degree course. In the government engineering college, you may have to clear the written test followed by the oral interview.

  • Is this your fear which is not allowing you to appear in JEE? Although, there are institutes offering direct admissions for engineering but still candidates give their best in JEE to get the best option for them selves.

    I would suggest you to give at least one try for JEE and try hard. You may get good scores which will in turn give you an opportunity to pursue your engineering in any of the reputed institutes of India.

    If you are not at all convinced, then try for private institutes offering engineering through direct or merit based admissions. In this case, you will be have to pay full fee and that would be definitely higher than other institutes. These institute may also offer good placements after completion of this course but for that one need to work hard and perform well in their studies.


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  • YES offcorse you can do it
    but you need some determination and punctual for your study.
    make sure that what is the most pet and wanted topic whitch asked in exam frequantly and make a long term plan for study..hurry

  • Yes you can do btech without appearing in the JEE exams.
    Give the state level engineering exam or directly go for private collages. But if you go with JEE there will be a great opportunities in your future. Less struggle in getting jobs. Directly a on campus placement.
    I must say you go for JEE or AIEEE

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