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    Which is the best Guitar to buy for a beginner

    Planning to take guitar lessons and need to buy a guitar? First check out the expert tips provided in the responses below to ensure you buy a value for money guitar.

    I want to buy a guitar either approx. Rs. 4000, like that of Givson's Venus, kandeance KAD, Kandeance Frontier or Ashton, or around Rs. 8000, like Yamaha F310 (even though I don't like its color; I like a black one).

    I am confused as I am worried what if I will never be able to learn guitar and waste Rs. 8000 or what if I buy a lower priced guitar, do learn and after a year or two the guitar gets damaged or any other problem occurs. I don't want to waste my money as I'll be buying one in my lifetime if I am buying a guitar around Rs. 8000.

    I want to know at what price should I buy a guitar and of what brand.
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    This thread has been missed may be because it has not been posted in correct category. Editors are requested to make change in category in case the new author have posted in different place. So, that the answer would be given on time.

    Sorry to reply late, though I got the message of this thread posting but somehow mistakenly I have posted in music category, where same like guitar questions were posted.

    Let come to the point. After reading your thread, I feel that you have no budget problem for buying a good guitar. You just need to decide if you are serious to learn guitar or just want to buy it for fun (I mean temporally). If you are really serious, please do not go very basic guitar it will not solve your purpose. Buy above model than the basic one so that it will serve your purpose for a longer period of time without upgrading your instruments.

    No serious damage can happen to any guitar if you look after it properly. Yes, sometime due to weather or not playing regularly, the guitar neck gets bend, which can be cured easily.

    Please go through my this article (mentioned below) for more details, I am sure it will help you to buy a good guitar.

    How to select an acoustic guitar for a beginner

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