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    What are the main courses available for studies in the field otf pharmacy?

    Looking for information on pharmacy courses in India? Learn from this Ask Expert thread the various primary courses offered in the field of pharmacy & also know about the general admissions process for these courses.

    What are the main courses available for studies in the field of pharmacy and how the admissions in pharmacy courses is generally obtained?
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    There are plenty of career opportunities for the students of pharmacy. Here are some of the suggestions such as -

    1. Bachelor of Pharmacy
    2. Diploma of .Pharmacy
    3. Master of .Pharmacy
    4. Pharm D

    These are the courses approved by AICTE and Pharmacy Council Of India (PCI). The type of career that you'd get after the degree in any one of the above listed degree would be.

    a. Retail Pharmacist : This can be good for those who want to setup their own shop. And want to start working for other shops or the hospitals. This can earn a lot of money however like most of the hospital work this too can be hectic.

    b. Clinical Pharmacist: This is specific to the hospital team. And the jobs usually are in house with the hospital staffing. And the salary and the other benefits include in them too.

    c. Care Staffing: This includes some of the hospitals care unit staffing. You get to work on some of the units and the patient care programs. It includes staff management and the stocking in the hospitals. It more of a back-office job in the hospital industry.

    d. Temporary positions: There are some of the temporary staffing position that you can take for both pharmacy department in the hospital as well as the stocking department. These are usually monthly weekly or hourly positions in some places. And not permanent job is being offered.

    Apart from this there are some of the corporate careers that are available. The context however is the same for the company to company basis.

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