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    How to resubmit Adsense application request with changed url?

    Got your AdSense application request rejected & need to submit it again with a new URL? Find out with expert advice if this is possible to do so.

    While resubmitting an AdSense application request, I submitted the url but unfortunately it got rejected and I deleted that url and when I made a new url and submitting for the Adsense, it is showing my previous url which I have already deleted a month ago. So how to change url and submit again for Adsense?
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    No you can not resubmit same application for another url. However you can try new application using youtube channel provided you have good amount of youtube posting and have good traffic. If you are approved by any means you should able to use approved Adsense code for advertising to anywhere.
    Another way is to create a new Gmail and new Google account to create your new application to AdSense with this new site. Make sure you have unique and good content posted in site.
    The reason Google don't have the site change option for resubmitting application is because you can copy and use your Adsense code to another website so it new site again has same content then it is obvious rework for Google to scan it.
    Better to use same website url and improve it's content and try submitting it.

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    The site that has recently been rejected by Adsense can be submitted again after making some updation which includes pages and cotents. If Adsense reject your application, they would have stated the reason behind the disapproval. Make it right, regularly contribute for atleast two to three months with quality articles before submitting the second application.
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