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    What is sports quota in jobs in private companies?

    Want to know how a private company recruits a candidate based on sports quota? Get details from the expert answers below.

    What is sports quota in jobs? Do private companies also provide sports quota in recruitment? What is the eligibility criteria for such cases and what is the percentage of reservation in such cases? Is winning the competition or a medal necessary or only participation in the event is considered enough?
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    As far as I know, private companies having nothing called as sports quota while recruiting. Private companies recruit their employees based on their merits and their knowledge that they have and not on the medals that they have received in sports.
    May be in might be an added advantage but you have to meed the requirements and have the knowledge about the job that you have applied for.
    Private companies believe in making their business grow and hence they stress only on the person's attitude, his marks, his confidence and the knowledge.

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    There is no hard and fast sports quota in private sector. However, some eminent companies recruit eminent sportsperson in their pay-roll mainly for the purpose of publicity. However, earlier some companies used to have full-fledged teams in different sports. As for example, earlier JCT Mills, Phagwara had a very good football team. The company management used to employ some eminent footballers (like Inder Singh, Harjinder Singh, Jarnail Singh, etc.). Other players were selected and recruited by spotters.
    Nowadays, except in cricket, very few companies do keep a team (in other sports discipline). There is no established procedure for recruitment of players in private sector.

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