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    Under which government ministry is Facebook?

    Wondering if Facebook comes under the purview of any Government ministry? Get your doubts dispelled from the responses below.

    In which ministry of government of India does Facebook fall? Also, is there a customer support system of Facebook?
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  • Facebook is US based corporation listed in NASDAQ. It does not fall under any Indian governments department. It has nothing to do with the Indian media, Indian government or Indian citizen.

    However the access to the website is through telecommunication medium. So each country in the world governs the access to facebook and it;s local policy for it. So in case of india's access to facebook website, it falls under the policies set by TRAI and Information ministry.

    None of the Indian government department has any right or position to set the direction for the facebook. Also it does not have any authority over this website in any form or capacity.

    Facebook has customer support service that can be accessed from -

    Settings > Support Dashboard.

  • Facebook has made rules, regulations, policies and guidelines for the Facebook users. In case the users are willing to abide by the same voluntarily, they join Facebook, otherwise., they can prefer to not to become a member of the Facebook community. The Government of India has no role to play in such matters.

    However, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is the independent regulator of the telecommunications business in India which is not functioning under the administrative control of any ministry of the Government of India. Any matter pertaining to Facebook is likely to be handled by TRAI in India.

    Recently the regulator had ruled that the Facebook's Free Basics service violated the principles of net neutrality and had put a ban on all programs in India that offer free access to a limited set of online services.

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  • Facebook is a US-based for-profit corporation. It is listed on NASDAQ. It has no relation with Central Government, State Governments or PSUs in India.

    However, any dispute pertaining to Facebook is handled by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), which is the independent regulator in respect of the telecommunications-related issues in the country.

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