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    What are the health concerns arising through eating fungus infected food accidentally?

    Worried that you ate a fungus infected food? Quickly find out if this would create health problems for you and what the possible symptoms would be to know the problem.

    Unintentionally I have eaten cake without noticing it had fungus of white patches at some places. I cleaned my mouth later on. However, I ate one full piece. Will it create a problem? What are symptoms if it harms the body? How to prevent if the symptoms start appearing?
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    Generally if you are otherwise healthy, accidently eating a small quantity of slightly fungus affected food may not give problems. It is suggested to take a little raw ginger with a little jiggery. Or you may crush the raw ginger (vegetable ginger) and extract juice adding a little water to extract juice. Boil the juice, add a little sugar or jiggery for taste and take a couple of table spoon of that three times before or after meals. That will cure any indigestion problem.

    If some discomfort is felt, take light and warm food only for next two or three meals times. Buttermilk( or diluted curd) with crushed ginger, crushed curry leaves and a little salt to taste may be taken as and when you feel.

    The usual problems a normal healthy person may get consuming a little amount of stale food may be loose motion, indigestion an nausea and sometimes vomiting. If such symptoms remain for more than a day, even after taking home remedies as above,you must consult a doctor.

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    Nature has given us excellent immune - system and as such a little portion of stale food does not cause much inconvenience other than loose - motion for a few times to cleanse the system.
    To remain on the safe - side, it would be better to consume hot water mixed with lemon a few times in a day to accelerate the process of cleaning. Prior to lunch and dinner, you may take a small piece of ginger coupled with a little amount of Black - pepper to sooty the system.
    Ginger and Black - pepper both are antibacterial and antivirus in nature and hence using the same would address your problem.
    Butter - milk followed by addition of a little amount roasted cumin - powder in it also works effectively.
    If the trouble persists beyond two days despite taking these home - remedies, you can consult physician for further treatment.

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