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    How to connect LAN internet of desktop PC to smartphone

    Want to connect your smartphone to your PC internet service? Get step by step guidance from experts right here.

    I want to connect my LAN internet to my Sony Xpxperia mobile phone. Is this possible? If yes, let me know the step by step procedure and which hardware device is required for it. I do not have a router.
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    You can connect Internet from your system to your smartphone. Follow the below steps.

    For Windows 7:
    1. Click on start
    2. Go to control panel and Select "Network and Sharing Centre".
    3 Click on Setup New Connection or network.
    4.Select "Set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network"
    5. Type a name in Network Name option
    6. Select WEP in Security Type and give a password forsecurity key and Click Next

    If you are using Windows XP:

    1. Click on start and select control panel
    2. Go to Network Connections
    3. Right click on Wireless Network Connections and select Select properties
    4. Click on Wireless Network tab and check the box "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings"
    5. Click "add" under the preferred networks
    6. Give a network name (SSID) that you want to use in text-box and select shared in Network Authentication option
    7. Select WEP in Data encryption option and type a password in Network Key and click ok
    8. You will see a network in preferred networks. Select Advanced option and select "Computer-to-computer (ad hoc) networks only" .
    9. Now click on close and click on OK.

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    There is easy way but you have to create hotspot. First check is your Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters , if there is anything mentioned as wireless then you can create hotspot using hotspot creation softwares like OSToto hotspot.
    If desktop don't have wireless adapter, purchase the universal serial bus (USB) wireless card, it is small, easy and portable. You have to plug it into the USB port of your desktop and install the wireless driver for it. It is dongle which also acts as wireless router to create hotspot.

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    To connect LAN internet from PC to Sony mobile, here is the procedure:-
    Prepare windows:-
    1) On your windows start button-right click.
    2) You will get a context menu.
    3) Click on network connections.
    4) Network connections will be displayed.

    Prepare mobile phone:-
    1) With the help of USB cable, connect your mobile to internet device.
    2) Click on wireless and network section.
    3) Click on more.
    4) Activate USB internet.
    5) Select windows.
    6) Click on next and then on done.
    &) Check the mark in front of USB internet.

    Share internet connection of windows:-
    1) On first network selection make a right click.
    2) This will open properties.
    3) Through sharing tab, mobile can be allowed to use internet from windows.

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    Yes, you can share your LAN connection with your smartphone. However, I have not tried this method, but even then I am sharing this method here.
    Note that your smartphone must be rooted for this process.
    You will have to do 'Reverse Tethering' in your smartphone to get internet access through Desktop PC.
    Download the Reverse Tethering app from the Play Store and then you will have to perform the instructions prescribed in the app itself.
    In this way, you will be able to access Internet in your smartphone.

    However, if you have wifi adapter in Deskop PC, then you can directly access internet by creating Wifi Hotspot in your Desktop PC.

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