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    What are most cost effective options for studying medical courses abroad?

    Looking for cost effective options to pursue a medical course in a foreign country? Browse throug the responses below to know what these options are.

    Many Indian students opt for pursuing medical studies abroad due to various reasons. What are the most cost effective options for studying medical courses abroad? Also, how to ascertain that the medical college situated abroad is a recognised one and offers quality education?
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    Germany is well known for its medical colleges and affordable fee structure. Country has world's finest medical colleges which provides excellent education and each college has its own hospital. When it comes to technology and equipment related to medicine then no other country is better than Germany.

    Colleges are well recognized by:-
    1) World Health Organization,
    2) United Nations Organization,
    3) European Credit Transfer System etc.....

    Other destinations which are known for medical study at affordable prices are:-
    1) Ukraine,
    2) Nepal,
    3) Caribbean,
    4) China,
    5) Philippines etc.....

    Before choosing any college, one has to spend some time to make sure that college is well recognized so that when it comes to seeking a job, recognition does not pose a problem and student who has successfully completed his course can continue his practice in any part of the world.

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    Here are some of the countries with affordable medical education along with better job prospects than india.

    1. Philippines : Cost pretty much low compared to India. However currency wise same expenses in both India and Philippines.

    2. Russia : It has plenty of opportunities in various medical fields. Also the growth for the medical professionals is much better. Less expensive than america or UK.

    3. China : A bit harder on the language side. However you can find some good courses in there. A lot of local and the modern medicine courses are there. Affordable compared to US and UK.

    4. Malaysia: Compared to US and UK, the medical education here is also less expensive. There are lot of job opportunities in case of the medical post.

    These are some of the countries where you find relatively low cost medical education. Rest of the Europe and south america and other countries are expensive. You may want to check the requirement and the eligibility for each courses in there.

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    Some of the affordable destinations (foreign countries) for medical aspirants of India are indicated below:-

    (i) Bangladesh: The study of medicine in Bangladesh is really affordable for Indian students, especially in Govt. medical colleges of Bangladesh. SAARC scholarships are also available.The mediums is also English.
    (ii) Nepal: Same is applicable.
    (iii) China: Studying medicine is affordable compared to the USA, the UK and other Western nations.
    (iv) Russia, Georgia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.: Studying medicine in these countries are affordable compared to the western countries. Additionally, facility of studying medicine in English medium is available in most of these countries.

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