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    Which subject should I choose for UPSC examination.

    Interested in giving UPSC exam? Wondering which subjects to choose? On this page you will get answers to all your queries.

    I am B.Com(H) last year student, I want to appear for UPSC exam and I am thinking about choosing Political Science as my subject because I am interested in it more than my course Subjects. Shall I choose Political Science and how to start studying this subject?
    Experts: do assist.
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    It is a very common question and dilemma that lingers in the minds of candidates thinking of entering in UPSC exams. The subjects should be well decided before it is too late. A wrong choice will haunt you forever and thus take some time and explore your choices, so that first step is taken and placed firmly. Well begun is half done. Any doubt regarding subjects chosen will not guarantee any success. Choose subjects ahead of time. This is because this is just the first step. Consequent steps will be to select best of course material for the subjects you chose and then forming the study group which will ensure better grasping of material.

    You need to select the subject with which you are familiar with. This will save a lot of time. If you are going for a complete new subject, then you will be spending a lot of time on familiarizing with it. Thus, most of the UPSC candidates choose a subject which they have opted in their graduate levels.

    Some of the candidates like you are not interested in the subjects they chose in their graduate levels but find other subjects amusing. Like in your case, you are thinking of political science. It is okay and perfectly fine to opt for it, but do not make a haste. Go through the study material. See whether you can cope up with it. Even though it is new for you, but can you familiarize with it and hold up the interest level as you have to spend lots of time making an extensive preparation in it.

    Also, choosing a subject which does not have too many candidates for it is a wise idea as you will be cutting your competition. Irrespective of whether you chose political science or subjects from your graduation, you have to keep in mind that you will be competing against lots of candidates and thus less the competition is more the chances of success you will be favored with.

    Go through previous years question papers, discuss with people who have previously opted for the UPSC exams and then decide. Analyzing past trends and present competition are very necessary. Blind faith can mislead you. More and more you discuss with others, more open you will become for the options.

    It all depends on your interest and the number of hours you are willing to spend on your chosen subject. The more dedicated you will be the more knowledge you will be grasping on that subject matter, no matter how unfamiliar or familiar the subject is to you. Ultimately, it is you who has to decide as you know yourself better than anyone and thus based on your liking and interests, calculate everything after going through all its pros and cons and take a decision.

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    There is no examination like UPSC examination. The UPSC conducts a number of examinations for the selection of candidates for recruitment to various posts. In my opinion, the author should begin his preparation by visiting the website of the UPSC - and familiarize himself with the various types of examinations conducted by the same. It is always advisable to hear from the horse's mouth. Therefore instead of being dependent totally on third party resources, the original websites should preferably be studied.

    However, since the author is going to complete his B.Com. degree program which is a common graduation degree, it is presumed that he is talking about the coveted civil services examination. As a part of the preparation, it should be clearly understood that merely appearing in any competitive examination is not an achievement. The competition has to be cleared also with flying colors for which totally focused preparation is required.

    Regarding the subject to be chosen, the author may go through the detailed syllabus made available in the internet resources and decide as to in which subject he is willing to do maximum possible hard work so as to become able to score maximum marks.

    The toughest kinds of competitive examinations cannot be cracked on the strength of selection of 'scoring subjects' or otherwise. One has to leave everything else aside for few years and prepare himself with total dedication and with due sincerity and devotion.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The question is not clear. However, let us assume that the author of the thread is talking about Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC every year. In the Civil Services Examination, a candidate is required to take one optional paper in the Prelim. and two optional papers in the Main. The list of the optional papers for the Main can be perused from the following link:-

    The choice of optional papers for a candidate clearly depends upon his/her proficiency in a particular subject or subjects. Generally speaking, the questions will be of Graduation level. From the current trend it can be stated that the candidates generally chose subjects from their Graduation combination. If you have no idea about Political Science, I strongly discourage you to take Political Science as an optional. However, you can get requisite material for study from the study materials from IGNOU (available for purchase) and notes from good coaching centres like Chanakya Academy, Vajiram & Ravi, Rau's IAS Study Circle, etc.

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    The choice would be entirely yours and in this regard you are independent in the selection of the papers including the ones' you have already studied in B.Com level. But before doing so, you have to have your passion in the subjects which is finally selected. In this regard even the papers relating to arts stream such as Geography, History and Political - science may be selected depending upon your inclination for these subjects. Since you are student of commerce and Accountancy and Business studies might fascinate you for these being ultimate selection in the IAS examination. So you can see there is no hard and fast rule for choosing the papers but you need to have a firm determination to persue the papers throughout the preparation and any detraction at the later stage would spoil your plan to crack the examination with flying colours. The most important aspect to be kept in the mind is not to pass the papers already selected in the examination but rather you have to secure marks in such a fashion so that you are included in the merit list with impressive marks.
    Regarding the question of selection of Political - science, it would entirely be dependant upon you how you have grasp over this subject.
    In order to sustain your planned studies, you may take help of any one of the prominent institutes such as Rao Study Circle, Chanakya Academy and T.I.M.E etc for the personalised help.
    With regard to current events and general knowledge, you have to be a voracious reader of Times of India, The Hindu etc to keep abreast of the latest events.

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    Author: Partha Kansabanik said "a candidate is required to take one optional paper in the Prelim. and two optional papers in the Main" Partha ji should I correct you? The pattern has changed from 2012 onward. Now there is no optional subject in preliminary and one optional papers in the Main only. Preliminary exam has two papers 1. GS 2. C SAT, I would advise the student to do PG in a subject like public administration,pol science.Then opt for public admn. It short and concise, a student require only 3 months to prepare the subject and can score more than 60 %.Guidance and materials is easily available everywhere.
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    You can chose those subjects which are very near to your interest otherwise there is no meaning of learning new subjects when you are competing against huge mass. I would prefer to chose those subjects which are related to my specialization in degree course.

    Always take advice from seniors and teachers when you start preparing for the subject you chose because their mistakes will be helpful for you to avoid those mistakes.

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