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    Will Google's Fuchsia OS replace Android operating system in smartphones?

    Interested in knowing about Google's Fuchsia OS? Wondering if it will replace android OS? Find responses from experts on this page.

    We know that Google is coming up with new operating system named Fuchsia, which won't be based on Linux kernel unlike other OSes like Chrome and Android, which are based on Linux kernel. Fuchsia will be targeting Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and we know that IoT will revolve around smartphones as they will be acting as the main user interface. In this context, I want to know whether Google's Fuchsia will replace Android operating system in smartphones? If that is the case, will all the current Android based smartphones go as waste or can they be upgraded with Fuchsia OS?
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    Fuchsia is based on the micro-kernel which is used for the embedded system. So by embedded it means the OS is meant for the watch and other smart devices such as band and others. So it is not going to replace android OS. But it is more suitable for other devices where android is too big to operate and you require more resources for the running.

    Replacing android OS won't happen overnight. That would be big joke on the companies who have invested in android OS. Because development of apps and the platform deployment of hardware does not happen overnight. Also you don't get developer available for making apps in 1 or 2 weeks of OS release. So replacing android with fuchsia will take at least 2 and half years transition time. That is a lot of time for android to even progress ahead. Besides it will continue to get strong compared to fuchsia. Who knows like most of the google projects fuchsia end up failing.

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