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    What is the FaceTime feature of iPhones?

    Wondering about the facetime feature of iphones? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    It is said that the iPhones are much costlier compared to other smartphones as it provides a feature known as the Facetime feature which is not provided by any other smartphone. What is the FaceTime feature of iPhones and why it is not available on all smartphones?
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    Facetime is a application for Apple iphone, ipads which provides video and audio calling services. It uses the wi-fi or cellular data instead of the conventional network services. Both the caller and receiver should have the Apple's Iphone or Ipad devices to use this service.

    It is particularly developed for the "iphone operating system" so it can not be available for other operating systems.

    It is a good service which can be used with no additional charges even for the international calls since it uses the data for making the calls.

    Yes iphones are bit costlier than other smartphones because they provide unique features with their operating system compared to other operating systems.

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    Every feature in phones gets patent to be unique so that other smartphone companies can not steal it. Facetime got famous because of uniqueness of not being charged to user for call. Consider like it is another app for video call. Now there are lot of apps which offer video calling. But Initially there were not many so face time got famous and still people use it because it comes with apples IOS. No need to install another app for video call. Using Facetime good thing is you can call to IOS , Mac or Ipad device i.e. Apple devices and it uses your apple id instead of cellphone number to call. So all you need is Apple id and internet connection to make video call through Face Time.
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    All the features of the face-time are now available with the Skype and Google Duo. So it's not like they have the unique features. App level features can't be patented. That time has passed decade back. Now the app features can be easily replicated across platform. For example, most of the video based features of face-time you can check out on google duo.

    That aside here are some of the good features of facetime. it offers one to one communication in between apple contacts. you can send missed call or text using the app. You can use voice only call as well. It reads from the contacts and also sends notification on call. So these are pretty much common feature of the phone these days.

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