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    What is the difference between a scholarship and a fellowship?

    Want to know the difference between scholarship and fellowship? Check out responses from experts on this page.

    Students can avail of scholarships to cover the costs of an academic course. There are also fellowships offered by educational institutes, government departments and even corporate houses. I would like to know what are the main differences between a scholarship and a fellowship, in terms of the financial aspects which are covered & other features which differentiate the two.
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  • Generally speaking, most fellowships are scholarships also, but all scholarships may not be fellowships. Some of the finer differences between the two may be as follows -
    1. Fellowships generally require some work to be done in lieu of the same e.g. assistance in teaching as a teaching assistant (TA) or assistance in research as a research assistant (RA).

    2. Most fellowships are not based on need. They are usually based on the merit of the recipient like skill, GPA, outstanding academic achievements or distinctions. The scholarships are generally need-based and offered on making an application for the same.

    3. Fellowships are generally awarded according to a timeline within which the work has to be completed and paid in increments as a monthly stipend, unlike scholarships which are paid for meeting the educational expenses of certain course and often the amount is paid in one go.

    4. Fellowships are generally awarded for pursuing higher studies like doctoral or masters program whereas the scholarships are paid at school or college level also.

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