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    About distance education PG course

    Unsure about the future of a distance PG course? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Is M.Sc in distance education valuable after taking regular degree course in B.Sc? Since Kannada medium students cannot understand English.
    Is distance course applicable for competitive exams?
    Which s better for low family people who can afford only 20k per annum?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • It primarily depends on two main factors. The first being the purpose or objective of doing M.Sc. and secondly the subjects in which M.Sc. is intended to be pursued. Generally, in the science subjects, practicals are required to be done for completing a M.Sc. degree course, though, in a course like MSc (Mathematics), practicals may not be required.

    Generally, in the competitive examinations, the eligibility criteria is set as a recognized degree from a recognised institution. In such cases, a recognised degree obtained from a recognized institution through the distance learning mode is also likely to be accepted unless and until it is explicitly mentioned in the advertisement concerned. However, even in such cases, the other eligibility criteria like age limit etc. will apply.

    There is no connection with completing a course and the monthly family income. Many students arrange to pay fees by doing part time jobs and through giving tuitions.

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  • As Mr. Kailash Kumar rightly said you should first know objective of doing M.Sc/PG.You should go for some professional course which can help you in getting job.Or do simple MA/M .Com by correspondence and prepare for competitive examination .In the competitive examinations a recognized degree from a recognized institution is allowed. It does not matter how you secured degree, knowledge matters.

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  • The distance education has come into play for the dual purposes firstly it enriches the knowledge of the aspirants secondly it enables the aspirants to take up the jobs by facing different competitive examinations including IAS, Banking jobs, State - government jobs etc. However, the essential condition for such qualification is its recognition through the UGC. So one can take up the course of M.Sc in Mathematics through distance education since this course does not involve the practical component unlikely in the post graduate course in Chemistry and Physics where the practicals are the essential parts and as such these courses cannot be sustained. This is applicable to all the courses containing practical portions which cannot be taken up through distance education course.
    So far as the recognition of the course is concerned, such examinations through open universities are well recognised such as IGNO, SMU, Utkal - university etc. However, the aspirants have to ensure that the course being persued comes under the purview of UGC net.
    The financial constraint if any can be solved by taking up part - time tutions in subject in which you have great passion to teach. In that way, you can manage your financial - crisis.

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