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    How referees are selected for Olympic games?

    Want to know how refrees are selected in Olympic games? Find advice from experts on this page.

    What is the eligibility criteria i.e. qualification and experience required for becoming a referee in the Olympic games? Are the referees required to pass any professional examination? Also, are referees selected from all the participating countries in the Olympics?
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    Judges are members of respective International Sports Federations, which are non-governmental organizations recognized by the International Olympic Committee for being in charge of a sport on an international level. Those federations are in charge of nominating the judges, referees, and technical officials for their respective sports. The International Olympic Committee then chooses whether to accept the nominations or not.Each federation has its own process for choosing judges. It makes sense — the people involved with each sport know the most about those sports — but the diffusion of responsibility also makes it hard to catch bias, cheating, or corruption.

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