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    Blank ads are shown on my blogs, what may be the reason?

    Having a problem with using adsense? Wondering why blank ads are shown in blogs? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am using the same adsense account for blogger and youtube, but when I check my youtube videos it is showing google ads, but my blogs are showing blank space in place of ads. What may be the issue and how can it be resolved? Experts do advise:
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    Experts: do respond.
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    If your AdSense account is approved from YouTube then it won't show adv in any Blogspot blog or Custom domain in general. There are so many updates time to time on this from Google. It is logic that YouTube host accounts show ads on YouTube only and Blogspot approved AdSense can show ads on Blogspot and YouTube etc.

    You can upgrade your AdSense account if you would like to show Ads on your blog or custom domain, for that, you have to re-apply again for host account upgrade. To get approval, your blog or custom domain shall have enough quality content and nice organic traffic or else your application will be rejected.

    So, try to establish a blog or custom domain or try to contribute in a site like (this one - ISC) and apply it later for upgrade. Google may take few weeks to month to review your application and approve your application.

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    If google is not showing ads on blogger, then why it is showing number of clicks, cpc when I check my adsense account.

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    You have not mentioned from which source you got AdSense account approval. Since it was not mentioned then such case is normal for YouTube AdSense account holder. So, had to reply accordingly. However, let me know the source of your AdSense account approval to reply you.

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    When I log in to my adsense account it shows the message " Your AdSense account is enabled only to show ads on YouTube." Will it not show any ads on my blogs.? Initially before 3-4 months it was showing ads on my blogs. Can I use alternatives to adsense to display ads on my blogs. I have approved account for chitika and viglink and using them along with adsense.

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    So, it means you have got AdSense approval from your YouTube account. Thus, it will work there only. When this was announced by Google few years (around 2-3 years) back, YouTube AdSense account was initially working in Blogspot too but they changed the procedure for it later.

    It means, YouTube AdSense account will work there only and not in any other blogspot or custom domain or anywhere else until and unless it gets host account upgrade (Non-hosting). You need to re-apply for it from your current AdSense only. There is procedure given over there.

    Regarding showing number of clicks and cpc in your AdSense account is just an impression detail of Youtube and blog and not the revenue of blogspot or custom domain but YouTube.

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    I forgot to answer for the below;

    "Can I use alternatives to adsense to display ads on my blogs. I have approved account for chitika and viglink and using them along with adsense."

    Ans: Yes, you can show those alternate ads on your blog without any issue.

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