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    Query about name mismatch in father and my documents

    Is there a mismatch in father's name in yours and his documents? Check out this Ask Expert page for advice to resolve this issue.

    There is name mismatch of my father in his and my certificates.
    Will there be a problem in future for passport , domicile and for other document in which fathers documents are compulsory?
    How to get rid of this problem?
    Experts: do advice.
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  • It will primarily depend on the extent of variation or mismatch. Without knowing the exact details specific comments cannot be offered. However, in case there is no intentional error or a fraudulent objective, solutions to most of such issues are likely to be available. Generally, a sworn/notarized affidavit serves the purpose in most of the cases.

    In my opinion, the author should study the website of the 'Passport Seva' - thoroughly and may consider submitting his application also for obtaining a passport in his name by observing the due procedure given in the guidelines. In case, he is unable to understand the same, then help of some other person may be taken for understanding the same.

    Once the passport will be ready with the actual name of the author and his father then the same can be used as ID proof and the address proof in future. Alternatively, the author may get his Aadhar Card and PAN card also prepared with the correct names by observing due procedures regarding the same.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

  • Specifically for making passport you will not face that issue of name mismatch in your certificate as if you have any other government id proofs as voting card ration card . Or you can make a affidavit for that you require a valid government id prof. With a proper affidavit your problem can be solved.

  • These type of question is raised earlier also. Yes the father's name should be same in all the certificate's. It can be changed by writing a letter to the concerned section for changing of name. For that you need to have any correct name id proof of your father. You have to contact to the concerned section and find out what is the procedure to change your father's name in your certificate and if there is a mistake in your father's document also please get that also changed.
    For more details you check in this site

  • Yes, it will create a problem during verification of documents at any stage. We need to correct whatever mismatch is present in documents on priority basis.

    If there is mismatch in particulars related to education, we need to visit the related education board. Generally, we need to fill a form and the board after completing the formalities, arranges the particulars.

    Sometimes we do not face any difficulty during pursuing a degree but it will create a problem when we applied for a passport. Similar case happens with my friend's wife, and then it will be a tiring job.
    There should be no mismatch in documents and we need to change it when we notice it.

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