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    Debate - against the topic "old age homes are the only hope of elderly today"

    Want to prepare against the topic on old age homes? Wondering about what points to put forth? On this page you will get suggestions from experts.

    Debate - against the topic "old age homes are the only hope of elderly today".
    Can you provide information about this topic because in school I have a debate discussion on it?
    Awaiting inputs.
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    Debates require sincere and thorough preparation. The topic mentioned by the author requires a thorough study on the subject as to what are the various available options for the elderly persons nowadays and what are the reasons and alternative of the same. Carrying out googling is likely to yield a lot of relevant information. The points to be studied may include following -
    1. Changes in social systems in India like the transition from the joint family system to the nuclear family systems.
    2. Economic dependence or independence of the elderly persons.
    3. Availability of various Government and non-government social welfare schemes to the elderly persons.
    4. The needs and requirements of the elderly persons etc.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    1. Can you tell me how many old age homes are there in India and what % people are living in them? It is very small in number.Most of the parents/ old age people are living with their children and relatives. So saying that "old age homes are the only hope of elderly today" is not true.
    2.There are many governmental and social welfare schemes to the elderly persons such as old age pension, health schemes.
    3. Many old age persons are very good financially, they can keep
    servant and helper. they can live happily with their own. once money is there all problems can be solved.
    You think with your own and develop the topic.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    Old age home does not fit exactly in the Indian scenario since most of aging people in our country are deeply attached to their near and dear one's and even if such an arrangement is made by their well wishers, they may not like it. Also, the old age home in our countries are in the nascent state operating from the major cities. The charges for such accommodation are sorbitant and hence it may not suit all the senior citizens because of their financial constraint.
    A lot of initiatives has to be taken from the side of Government and NGO to ease the situation. Pension amount offered to senior citizens is meagre and that may not be the solution for their maintenance.
    In fact, we have to go a long way to make the lives of these people comfortable.

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    "Old age homes are the only hope of the elderly today" Actually the topic itself is not relevant for school children. There are many good educative topics for debates. But any how I will give you certain points which are always helpful for your debate competition.
    1. Regarding your topic first find out how many old age homes are there in your city.
    2. Meet few people in old age home, speak to them and find out why they have opted to stay in old age homes.
    3. Similarly meet a few people who are staying with their relatives or children.
    4. Make a small note of all that and you will find the points for your debate topic.

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    In my opinion , the topic "Old age homes are the only hope of the elderly today" can also be thought positively. This is the case mostly in the urban areas. These days, parents have either one or two kids. With the financial resources available, most parents send their kids abroad for study and the children tend to get accustomed to the country and hence, continue with their job prospects in that country. The parents on the other hand, are left behind in the home country with an opportunity to visit their kids once in a year. This also applies till they are healthy to travel. When they grow old, they need some sort of assistance. Thus, comes the old age homes in the picture. Now a days, the concept of retirement housing has cropped up, where senior citizens are provided with good care within the campus and they entertain each other. Though, this is not healthy culture, but it remains a boon for the senior citizens who donot have any support due to various reasons.

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    Old age homes are not suitable in Indian culture. Indian parents and grand parents are closely associated with their near and dear. Indian children are also associated in the same way with their parents and grand parents.
    Another drawback of old age home is that it is available in major cities only. Old age homes are very costly. Every Indian citizen can not afford it. In India this decease is growing at very slow rate. It is our moral responsibility to subside this problem at any cost. If this is not checked, it will ruin our culture and society. It is the beauty of Indian society the people of all age group and with different relation live together very happily. We learn so many things in our life from our parents and grand parents.Good culture is inherited from one generation to other generation. So we should oppose the concept of old age home.

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    I am shocked how such a topic has come to school level. That wil have a bad bearing on young minds and it will only encourage reasons for isolating and abandoning elders.
    Hence it is imperative to oppose the topic.:
    I suggest the points for argument.

    1. Old age is not restricted to today's elders. Even the present students will be old aged in a few decades. So it is needed to protect our own future and avoid banishing elders to old age homes.

    2. Not old-age homes but real homes where young-middle and old age people live together are to be the place for happiness to each person.

    3. We do not have young age homes or middle age homes for that particular age group. Then why should we have only old-age homes for the elderly?
    4. Old-age homes are the symbols of today's consumerism when things are taken in a 'use and throw' fashion.
    5. While we press for re-cycling and re-use of inanimate objects , to save this world from accumulation of waste, why can't we re-cycle or re-use the elders using their experience and expertise for the benefit of younger age and whole world.
    6. Instead of banishing elders to old age homes, let the society use them for teaching values and peaceful existence.
    7.Any one entering a job should give undertaking that he/she wll look after the parents well in their old age and not abandon them. If it is found or parents complain that they are abandoned, then the employee should be punished suitably and made to take care of the elder parents.
    8. We should think about punishment for using word 'old-age home'. For the sake of those who do no have children or immediate relatives to take care, government should build 'affection and care homes' and take their care. That should be one of the important welfare measure.
    Let us say NO to old-age homes , but say home-our sweet home for old and young.

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